Everything You Wanted To Know About YouTube Offline

Seamless internet connectivity in India is still not available in most places. Watching live streaming videos is a major problem in most cities across our country, leave alone the suburban and rural areas. But, if you love watching videos and is impaired by spotty internet bandwidth, then the YouTube offline feature is just what you need. This feature enables YouTube users to continue enjoying their favourite videos on their iOS and Android devices, even if there’s no internet connectivity available.

So what’s the YouTube offline feature is all about? Let’s find out.

Launched in 2014, the YouTube offline video watching feature allows users to save videos on their tabs and smartphones for later viewing. The videos can be downloaded through a Wi-Fi network or a mobile data connection. But, the feature shows advertisements and you have to sit through it before you finally get to watch your video content.

1Not all YouTube videos are available for offline viewing. Most of the popular Indian YouTube content is available for download. But, some videos may not be available if you are plain unlucky. Downloaded offline videos can be played back for a maximum of 48 hours. Once the timeline expires, you have to re-sync the video with your YouTube app for renewability, changes, or status of availability.

YouTube is owned by Google. It’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, recently announced that YouTube’s offline feature will get some useful additions. One of them is that users will be able to configure their time of download, so that they can queue it according to their most convenient time. They can even schedule the download overnight. Background download is also on the offing. Both these features are expected to be rolled out in the next few months.

To watch a video YouTube video offline, you have to download it first. Open the YouTube app on your tab or smartphone and select the video file you want to download. You will find an “Add to Offline” button below the video. Alternatively, you may click on the context menu button and select the “Add to Offline” option. If a video is not available for offline watching, there will be a crossed “Add to Offline” button. Such videos can’t be downloaded on to your device.


For iOS downloads, please take note that there are apps on the Apple App store that allows direct downloading of videos on to an iOS device. But, these apps are often taken down by Apple because of legal issues.

And speaking about the legality of downloading YouTube videos and watching them offline, it’s a little shady as of now. First things first, those who make videos for YouTube streaming, have to work hard on their content. They place advertisements to earn money. By downloading a video, you are preventing both the maker and Google to profit from their work.

Most importantly, you should never attempt to profit from the downloaded videos, since you don’t own their copyright. YouTube offline viewing is only for personal use.

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