Exceptional Watches From All Over The World

 Time is the most vital asset in this world. During the course of the history, humans have always devised something to keep a track of time. Wristwatches are often considered to be as indulgence before technology influenced it. In a world driven by technology, we have the choice to use technology in a wristwatch. Now, wristwatches can play videos; displayl location through GPS and much more.

The following is a compilation of most technologically advanced wristwatches.

Seiko Astron


Seiko a Japanese brand that is always committed to producing best watches. The Astron is a perfect example of Seiko’s assurance of creating attractive masterworks. The level of detail that Seiko has put in the dial is very extraordinary. Astron works on Solar and has GPS in-built and has a thick body. This watch is bulky with up to 47mm of width. The design of this watch is inspiring and high-tech. You will simply love the watch.

HD3 Slyde


Designed by famous designer Jorg Hysek, HD3 Slyde falls under the high-end category of the wristwatches. Compared to other watches, HD3 Slyde comes without a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It comes in different models offering different designs. It comes in Steel and titanium version and another version that has 18k gold trim. Unlike other old-fashioned wristwatches, HD3 Slyde does not have any button. It comes with a light sensor and includes features like, countdown timer and moon phase indicator.

Samsung Galaxy Gear


Galaxy Gear is the latest launch from Samsung. This smart watch acts as an extension your mobile phone. Galaxy Gear is attuned with any Samsung Galaxy brand Smartphone or tablet. The clasp of this watch is exceptionally designed to give added protection.

This watch looks and feels bulky as it has lots of useful features. It comes with a big screen of 320 x 320 resolutions. Samsung has made sure that Galaxy Gear offers the best display by giving 275-pixel density.

Sony Smart Watch


Samsung’s competitor in Smartphone is Sony. It is very tough to who is doing well but each company is proposing something distinctive. Samsung and Sony offers Smart watch that runs on Android and are attuned to a wide range of Android devices.

Sony’s Smart watch vibrates gently to notify the user for texts, tweets, and emails. The screen size is small thus, it makes it tough for the user acquainted to the screen. People who have big hands will find it difficult to use it.

Phosphor E-INK


The Phosphor E-INK comes in diverse styles to suit the needs of user. The rubber styles come in black rubber and white rubber. The more creative designs include the use of leather and heavy stainless steel. The rubber ones are inexpensive while the steel option is the most expensive.

Polar RS600CX


Polar known for its sports gadgets. Polar RS600CS offers GPS for sports enthusiasts. RS600CS is perfect for marathon runner. This device tracks how much miles the user ran and the heart beat rate. Since this Polar RS600CX offers long lasting battery since it is meant for endurance sports. It is solid yet very elegant. RS600CX can be used under water because it is waterproof to 20 meters in depth.  To save battery, RS600CX also offers a low-power mode.

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