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After one of the worst kept secrets in the company’s history, Apple launched its new iPhone 5SE on 21st March 2016. The idea behind the device was to make Apple handsets more affordable and still pack a whole lot of features into the handset, ensuring that smartphone buyers loyal to Apple are in a better financial position to afford an iPhone. Apple has announced that the new iPhone will be going go on sale from March 31, and will hit market shelves in 100 countries by May. It will reach India in early April. The device will be met with acclaim as it claims to have retained most of the iPhone 6S features and is now available at an affordable cost.


The iPhone 5SE has received good reviews about its display, with it being an LED backlit one, offering a screen resolution of 640×1136 pixels. It is similar in nature to the iPhone 5S and has managed to retain the same quality and serve as a much more affordable option.


The most exciting, proficient and marvelous aspect of the new iPhone 5SE is its battery life. Apple, while releasing the device, boldly claimed that the battery life of the 5SE is better than that of its current flagship handset, the iPhone 6S. With the 6S providing as much as an 11 hour battery capacity, the 5SE comfortably outperforms its counterpart by guaranteeing users 13 hour battery life, with normal and regular web and miscellaneous usage. This is a huge step forward as the 5SE is a much smaller and cheaper device, with almost the same processor as that of the 6S.


Another exciting feature of the new iPhone 5SE is the capacity and ability of its camera. iPhones have always had a wonderful camera but the 5SE outdoes itself, even performing better than the camera of the iPhone 6S. This is a brilliant victory for Apple, as it ensures that no compromises are made when it comes to buyer satisfaction with camera quality.

Other Features

The iPhone SE also packs a lightning connector. The iPhone SE features fingerprint sensor built into the Home button. The new iPhone also supports Apple Pay which will allow users to pay with their iPhone using Touch ID in stores and within apps. It is also pertinent to note that the new iPhone is run by iOS 9.3, which is the latest Operating Software update available to Apple, thus ensuring that the user need not go through cumbersome OS updates.


To recall the pricing for the new iPhone, Apple has confirmed its latest iPhone SE to be available at $399 (approximately Rs. 27,000) for the 16GB model while the 64GB variant will come at $499 (approximately Rs. 33,000). The Cupertino-based giant also announced India pricing of the iPhone SE to start at Rs. 39,000. This ushers in a new era of affordable iPhone devices for users in India, something that will be received with happiness and relief.

In conclusion, the new iPhone 5SE has some wonderful features which truly make it worth the money.

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Have to agree. The speed of newer phone models within the same series and newer app versions lead to more thought put into buying decisions. Phone lines have a definite short shelf life

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Frequently upgrading the software is a real problem as updating the software might cause your phone to lag because of the older hardware.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

Maalin Ashar

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