Facetune 2: App To Revamp Photos

One of the most popular smartphone trends continues to be that of taking selfies, and it won’t be a stretch to say that we all want to look picture perfect in our photos. Of course, a little help in this direction does not go amiss, does it? Take a look then, at the Facetune 2 app from developer Lightricks that takes photo editing to another level and gives your selfies a boost.

Facetune 2 app

Time for some magic

With Facetune 2, there are several options to edit your selfies, courtesy the artificial intelligence (AI) that the app works on. One of the prominent features includes the 3D facial reconstructing option, which allows the user to reshape their features to coordinate better with the rest of their face. The AI here scans your photo and basis that, you can make the necessary changes. So if you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose or eyes, here’s your chance to get a makeover, minus any plastic surgery!

When it comes to usage, the tool is very simple to use, and you can start with simple features such as merely touching up your face – remove blemishes, or brighten your face with quickly swiping over the areas that you need the changes to be made to. You can also make changes such as whitening your teeth or even reshaping your head! Towards the bottom of the screen is a slider, which allows you to change the intensity of these modifications. Also, in case you’re wondering whether to go ahead and save these changes, you have the option to take a look before you do – compare the images by simply dragging the slider from left to right, and view them.

Further, the app now includes live editing, which simply put, means that the changes you are making are reflected while you get ready to click your photo. The app also features Relight, which helps you change the light settings i.e. the direction of light in the picture, to enhance it even more. Other features include adding anti-glare and fixing shadows in the image.

Facetune 2 appIn conclusion

If you thought that the first instalment of Facetune was an app you enjoyed, you definitely want to give this version a go. While free to download on the App Store (it is not available on Android phones for now), there are in-app purchases (free for trial before purchase) to enhance your user experience. While the basic features are free, there are certain other editing tools to still better the quality of your photo, which are available only on payment. You also have the option of paying for an annual subscription to the app, at around USD 20 which will give you access to not only the current features but also new features upon release. The bottom line is, if you enjoy your selfies and want to look your best online, check out the app now, because Facetune 2 is probably your best bet to come close to professional photo-retouching apps.

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