Fifteen Smartphones That Got A Price Cut

The smartphone market is one that is constantly evolving and buyers need to keep a tab on prices of various models. Here are some smartphones that have had their prices slashed and are more affordable now (slightly).

Nexus 5X


The Nexus 5X was launched for Rs. 32,000/- and has since then seen its price drop by Rs. 10,000, within just a month of its launch in India. Certainly worth the money for those looking for a budget phone.

Moto G- 3rd Gen


This affordable and user friendly Motorola smartphone dropped to around Rs. 8,000 after launching at almost Rs. 10,000 before that.

Moto G Turbo

Another Motorola handset to receive a drop is the Moto G Turbo, which served as a competitor to the Moto G and was very popular with buyers. Launched at Rs. 14,499, Moto G Turbo is now available for Rs. 12,499.

Xiaomi Mi 4i

This affordable and power-packed device grabbed a lot of attention and dropped by Rs. 1,000 to be priced at a lowly Rs. 12,000, becoming an instant favourite with buyers.

Apple iPhone 6S

Apple’s flagship handset is now available between Rs. 48-52,000 (still considered rather pricey), originally launching at a staggering Rs. 62,000.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Following in the footsteps of the 6S, the 6S Plus model dropped by Rs. 2,000, having originally launched at Rs. 59,000.

HTC Desire 728

This dual-sim phone released by HTC got a price cut of Rs. 1,000 and is selling at Rs. 17,000.

HTC Desire 626

Another dual sim phone by HTC to receive a price cut, this handset dropped to Rs. 14,000 after being launched at close to Rs. 16,000.

Sony Xperia Z5

Sony’s flagship Z5, possessing the best camera in the market (23 megapixel) dropped a staggering Rs. 10,000 (best buy price value) from its original value of Rs. 53,000.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The hugely popular and critically acclaimed Galaxy S6 saw a price cut of Rs. 14,000, having originally being launched at Rs. 50,000.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The S6 Edge, like its S6 counterpart, received a price cut as well. It dropped to Rs. 40,000, having originally being priced at Rs. 59,000. This made it even more appealing to smartphone buyers and has seen it become an instant success for Samsung.

LG G4 Dual

Being launched originally at Rs. 50,000, the LG G4 Dual saw a huge price cut to around Rs. 34,000, making it slightly more affordable for smartphone buyers who are loyal to LG products.

LG G Flex 2

The LG G Flex 2 witnessed a mammoth price cut of Rs. 30,000, having being launched at close to Rs. 55,000, thus increasing its chances of becoming a more affordable option for buyers.

HTC One E9+

The HTC One E9+ was launched for Rs. 36,760 and is now priced at Rs. 28,900, serving as an alternative option to the Nexus 5.

Yu Yuphoria

The Yuphoria dropped from Rs. 8,090 to Rs. 6,499, making this slightly unheard of phone more cost-effective for low-budget buyers and providing stiff competition to Moto E and Moto G as well.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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