Final Fantasy Mobile Version Clocks 5 Million Downloads

These are exciting times for the Final Fantasy series fans in the US. While they eagerly wait the unveiling of Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One and PS4 which is due on 30 September, developer Square Enix has provided gamers with a sort of an appetiser, with the Mobius Final Fantasy which released on 3 August. The free-to-play role-playing game was released only in Japan last year and has been hailed as one of the best 2015 mobile releases in that country.

The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the oldest in gaming and also one of the most popular. It’s easily the most recognizable, particularly among the fans of role-playing games. Square Enix was quick to spot the game’s potential in the lucrative mobile market.


Even the last-released mobile adventure of Final Fantasy got a resounding response after expanding outside Japan. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, jointly developed by Square Enix and Gumi, was released in the West in May and has already been downloaded more than five million times. That’s excluding the more than 6.5 downloads in Japan, which makes the game a hit in the $36 billion mobile industry.

The story of Mobius Final Fantasy places you in Wol’s boots, a young man waking up with amnesia at a place called Palamecia, a world which is currently besieged by the army of “Chaos”. You are of course free to choose the name of your character. The protagonist is one of the many “Blankers” who came into the mysterious world with no past memory. The story begins and you learn about a mysterious prophecy that forecasts that one of the Blankers would become a “Warrior of Light” for saving Palamecia from darkness.


Square Enix has decided to break the story of Mobius Final Fantasy into chapters that were released every 15 days in Japan over a full calendar year.  The same is expected to happen for the US release.

Since development of the Final Fantasy mobile version commenced in 2013, the goal of Square Enix was to introduce Triple-A console graphics into the mobile RPG experience. It’s a claim the publisher stands by even today. Square Enix has said that Mobius Final Fantasy has HD visuals of console-quality and pushes the boundary of mobile platform.

Regarding the gameplay, the Final Fantasy mobile version has depth and character development that gamers expect from the franchise. It includes a job system, various ways for upgrading and customising your character in the game, and upgradable ability cards that you can earn in the battles. All your special abilities are connected to one of the six elements: water, fire, wind, earth, light and shadow, and each of the job classes are tied to any three elements. You have to swap them, depending upon the type of enemy you are likely to face.

Mobius Final Fantasy also has a social element, where ability cards are available on rent from other players. But it’s now limited in the pre-release build up.

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