Finance Destination: Top 5 Financial Apps

Keeping track of daily expenses is a bit stressful, but it certainly gives clarity to a person: where did the money go? Throw in the high economic pressure and rise in prices of commodities, your monthly budget can go completely erratic. If you are an Android user, your smartphone could easily come to the rescue by tracking and budgeting your expenses, there are apps that help setting monthly budget goals, tracking expenditure and ensuring you don’t spend on unwanted items. Here are five free apps that will help not only in expenses or income tracking, but some will even allow setting budgets, or give reminders about bills due.

Daily Expense Manager


Are you involved in freelancing projects and need help to record your daily expenses as well as income? The best app for you is the Daily Expense manager. The color coding helps you to navigate through the app’s interface. Also it allows the user to add categories as per his/her income and expenses.Expenses can be viewed by date, month, payment and even category. Reminders can be created for weekly and monthly income-expenses. It is a simple app for users who just want a quick record.



To keep a track of your expenses, Moneywise is again one of the simplest app. The app doesn’t require setting up an account and you can directly get started by choosing INR as your default currency. You can create weekly, bi-weekly or monthly budget, and use filters like expenditure, income, cleared and pending. While keying in your expenditure, there are several options like deposit, rent, food, entertainment, medical, shopping, commuting cost and so on. The app works offline without the need for an Internet connection and is password protected to avoid unauthorized access.

Monthly Budget


Monthly Budget is an awesome app for personal money management as well as family budget tracking. It has a clean income and expense log to add your transactions. Just like Moneywise, you have an option to set monthly budgets and even allocate amount to a particular category. You can set a specific budget for the month or a particular category, and the app will keep track how much you are spending.



This app is made for those who travel and keep visiting new places. It is a semi-automated expense tracker for keeping a tab on cash expenses, credit card expenses and bank account. Built-in optical character recognition technology allows scanning receipts and note data through a SmartScan feature. Of course, untidy and unreadable handwriting will not be recognized.



This app will give you bank, credit card and investment accounts under one roof. Apart from bringing financial status of all your loans, transactions, investments and so on together, it has features that will help you manage your monthly expenses too. It has “My Wallet” feature that transfers all your ATM transactions to the wallet section of the app. It also lets you set small budgets and supervise them. The app sends notifications to ensure that you don’t overspend.

Personal finance Android applications are manageable tools for anyone concerned about keeping track of their spending. Each of the apps listed above can help users to save money one way or another.

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