Fire Emblem Heroes Review

Nintendo’s fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical strategy, anime-styled mobile game.

It’s a free game but it’s the classic ‘freemium’ model meaning it can be downloaded for free but it contains in-app purchases. It’s engaging for the fans of the Heroes series as well as easy for the new player to pick up and join in. It mainly consists of battling with other players to earn Orbs and utilising those Orbs to unlock characters from previous Fire Emblem games. The catch here is, you don’t necessarily get the character you want and it’s unlocked randomly. If you get a good one, you’re lucky… if not, you keep trying.


You start with a team of four characters. Every character comes with their set of weapons, strengths, skills & weaknesses. Every character can move only a given number of squares each time. As you start playing the game, you need to make use of these features and tactfully apply your mind to fight your enemies and progress in the game.

While playing a Fire Emblem title, there is a battle triangle that the player should make a note of- Red sword beats axe, green axe beats lance, blue lance beats sword. The colour coding eases the process of identifying the same. Certain players like the characters with ranged attacks have an upper hand over flying units. The ones with lances are best against mounted characters.

The use of the right tactic likes in making the right move against the right enemy and pulling back your character in time is crucial before you lose out on too much. The character revives to pull health after each battle. Unlike other Fire Emblem games, the character does not die for the rest of the play-through. They can be revived by using ‘Light’s Blessing’ or ‘Orbs’

The initial leaves of Heroes are designed for players to understand the game & figure out how it works. It’s probably the easiest of the Fire Emblem series for picking up and learning. With small battlefields & fast battle sequences, it’s fun to play the game too.

The life of the character depends on his stamina. It’ the energy system that determines how many rounds you can play until you receive more from the time or you buy more using Orbs/cash. There are a total of fifty stamina and the mission’s costs around two stamina initially but as you progress in the game, it gets higher.

The game comes with effective yet simple graphics. The design of the fields, forests, castles, lava playing areas blend well with the game. The graphics are not extremely fascinating because the crux of the game lies in its strategy & combat, not on visuals. The sound effects are good too, especially during battle when your character makes a great move to damage the opponent.

Orbs that are in-game currency can be won through the course of the game but if you wish to purchase more, they are priced at $1.99 to $74.99 for 3 to 140 Orbs respectively which are quite pricey. Thus running out of Orbs can be a tedious waiting process before you win some back.

For gamers who’ve played other games of the Fire Emblem series before, Heroes is fun but at the same time, it’s easy for a new player to jump in.

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