Five Utility Apps That Can Make Your Lives Better

With about 16 million smartphone users in the country, India is not far behind the rest of the world when it comes to being a part of the digital revolution. The app store on an Android OS gives users a choice of over 3 million applications to download on their phones. Right from apps which tell you the train timings, to giving you financial advice, the app store has it all! All you have to do is pick and choose. Here’s a list of five utility apps that we believe might help make your life simpler.


No doubt you’ve already heard of apps which get you on-demand cabs, but have you ever heard of an app that gets you on-demand auto-rickshaws? Well, Jugnoo does exactly that! This app has the largest network of autos – currently, about 5000 autos are empanelled to be a part of this new concept. This app, targeted at students, working professionals and others who depend on public transport, will definitely go all out to provide them convenience.

Smart Spends

With technology that analyses the transaction SMSs received from banks or retailers, it certainly makes your life easy. Instead of you having to note it down in a diary – a habit people have lost touch of – it does the job through an automated process. Why only transactions? It also decodes bill notifications and sets up reminders for you to pay your dues off on time. With these supremely useful features, this app helps users keep track of where they spent and how to manage their money.

Urban Clap

It cannot get any simpler than this. Urban Clap, through its extremely thoughtful concept of a mobile service marketplace, helps a user avail a wide range of services. Right from photographers, at-home salons to home cleaning or repair services, this app lists down more than 80 categories to choose from. Instead of going crazy looking for the services you need, find it all in one place through Urban Clap.

Healthify Me

With our fast-paced lifestyle, we tend to ignore our bodies and health. Although, nowadays there is a lot of talk about its importance and many people have started getting health and diet conscious. Healthify Me is one such app that helps you live a healthy life. It allows you to track your food, exercise and also your weight easily on your smartphones by continuously analysing that data. It also provides you with tips and advice on staying within the nutrition or calorie limit you’ve set for yourselves.



This travel-related app comes as a boon for travel enthusiasts. It makes travelling simpler, more organized and has become one of the most preferred applications related to travel on the app store. It is very user-friendly as it acts like a one-stop-shop for your travels. Through this app, you can buy bus, train or air tickets, buy holiday packages or even rent cars. Why just that, it also enlists a variety of hotels for you to pick from, while getting you the best of the deals.

These applications look at making a user’s life easier and more convenient than they already are. Do you know of any other apps we might have missed out on? Comment below!

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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