Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth Speakers Review

Fluance has been known for its quality bluetooth speakers at moderate prices. Its previous products, Fi30 and Fi50 were not too compact, but the latest addition Fi70 is, however, a gigantic speaker with complete solution to replace your home stereo. It has everything that you need from a home entertainment audio system, and more. Let us have a look at some of the key features of Fi70.


In terms of design, the Fi70 is nowhere close to being portable even though it is termed as a bluetooth speaker. You do not have removable battery as was the case with its previous iterations. At 36 inches tall (along with its stand) and 81 lbs, it is meant to stay affix at the most prominent place in your house. The speaker has curved edges and the wooden finish wraps the speaker in a rectangular shape. It is available in Black Ash, Lucky Bamboo, and Natural Walnut variants. You also have a digital display as well which shows volume, input mode as well as other parameters. The front is covered with a black fabric, which when detached, reveal the powerful six symmetrical speakers with a hole in between and the artistic design. The overall look is quite retro and the wooden finishing enhances the aesthetics of the speaker. Coming to the most important aspect, you have dual 1 Inch neodymium tweeter, dual 5 inch woven glass fiber drivers and dual 8 inch woofers. The woofers are the first to be housed in bluetooth wireless speakers. Together, the unit produces really loud output with minimum distortion and solid bass. Your neighbors will never have trouble listening to your movies, songs or podcasts.


The Fi70 uses AptX enhanced bluetooth technology for connecting your various devices. This gives you a concert like well-defined sound while streaming music from your phone, laptop or any other bluetooth enabled device. Setting it up is pretty easy as well. All you have to do is You can also connect your TV to Fi70 using auxiliary 3.5 mm cable if your TV is missing bluetooth connectivity. You also have an option to play FM radio using its in-buil FM antennas. Bundled in the box is a simplistic remote which can control volume, bass, treble and other basic functionalities of the speaker. Besides, you also have touch-enabled controls on top of the speaker, which lets you do more or less same things. You can also connect your device via USB to charge the device while playing music. Overall, there are plenty of connectivity options and Fluance has left little to complain about.


Besides design, the sound quality has also received rave reviews from around the world which the company brags about on its website. Slashgear has one word for sound quality: incredible. Digital Trends thinks Fluance has outdone themselves with Fi70, producing great product at an affordable price. At $500, Fi70 provides great convenience of an all-in-one stereo system. Let us know what you think about the speakers in the comments below.

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