Four iPhone-Only Apps To Make Android Users Jealous

The App Store on an iOS is filled with interesting apps, and guess what – there are many which cannot be found on any other operating systems! If you own an iPhone, go ahead and download these four apps which can make any android user envious.



When Paper’s creators – Fifty Three – designed this app, they made sure they made this app the most convenient to use. All of Paper’s features were created, keeping this in mind and that’s exactly what made it the most favoured app amongst iPhone users. It lets you take notes in the simplest manner – swipe one way to create checklists, the other way to create titles. Well, minimalism does the trick, doesn’t it? Also, with this app, you can draw on photos, highlight certain areas of the photos and lots more. Why this is a cool feature, is because it saves you from sending a long list of descriptive texts and of course, wasting time. You can even create diagrams, charts diagrams, graphs, with the amazing set of tools within the app, on the go!



Hyperlapse, an app developed by Instagram exclusively for iPhone users, allows them to capture time lapse videos. What’s better is that, unlike having to keep your camera still while shooting a time lapse video, Hyperlapse captures videos even in motion. It has a built-in stabilization technology which helps in creating handheld videos and their end-result is strikingly attractive. So much so, that the videos look like they were shot on a high-end camera. You don’t have to register with Hyperlapse; simply open the app, shoot, choose your preferred speed and the video is ready to be shared on Instagram!



Overcast, a podcast app available for free on Apple devices, is more than any other podcast player you’ll come across. It doesn’t simply play podcasts on your iPhone, iPod or even Apple Watch, but makes sure that your experience with the app is amazing. Its feature – Smart Speed – helps the podcast pick-up extra speed. This proves to be pretty useful as the silence in talk shows gets cut out, making the podcast shorter and seem natural. Another feature – Voice Boost – helps normalize and boost the sound of the podcast to make it feel clear and distortion free without increasing its volume. Not to mention, the app lets you create smart playlists according to your likes and dislikes, along with letting you find more shows and giving you good recommendations.



Well, Twitter app sure is available for any operating system, but Tweetbot – an app which makes life simpler for anyone who’s hooked on to Twitter, can be installed only on an iOS. It comes in very handy as it provides more features which the regular app doesn’t. With Tweetbot, you can mute tweets whether by user, hashtag or even keywords. It syncs your timelines and also has a ‘Read Later’ option. To make it easier, the latest update of Tweetbot has added a ‘Quick Reply’ option, which lets you reply from notifications itself. If you’re the sort who cares about the reach of your Tweet, this app is very convenient when it comes to tracking your activity and also gives you real-time stats!

Have you used any of these apps on your iPhone? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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Frequently upgrading the software is a real problem as updating the software might cause your phone to lag because of the older hardware.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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