Four Wearable Technologies You Must Know Of

Wearable technology isn’t an entirely new concept anymore, but the products that fit under this category today, have evolved ever since its inception. Now, they’re not just un-user-friendly products, which only look fancy but try to make our lives simpler instead. Here’s a look at four such gadgets:

Project Jacquard


As if Smart Watches weren’t enough, Google and Levi’s came up with a Smart Jacket that allows wearers to do everything you never imagined a jacket could do. It’s looks stylish, lets wearers answer calls and includes a lot of other useful features, right from accessing maps to playing music. To control all the features of that smart jacket, there is a jacquard tag on its cuff. The cuff is removable and can be recharged with the help of a USB. The jacket itself is developed with a technology called ‘Project Jacquard’ which is weaved into a fabric and enables touch and gesture interactivity. This jacquard technology-enabled yarn, is woven throughout to make sensor grids. Not only fabrics, but other everyday objects too can be converted into interactive/smart surfaces. The touch or gesture data is then captured and transmitted to a smartphone or a particular app.

Mental Tracker


Thync, earlier in 2015, launched a wearable device, developed to help you in shifting your mental states within a matter of minutes. The devices aids in making you feel more calm and energized when you think your body needs it. The product itself is sleek and sophisticated and is devised to be worn on the head while you work-out, cook or travel. This device produces neurosignals, which can be operated through the app that delivers Thync Vibes. This product’s technology signals specific neural pathways and that helps users dial up or down their stress responses! The device is lightweight, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable while you wear it on your head. Also, it is portable and allows you to wear it when you please.

An Invisible Wearable


With this product by Chaotic Moon, wearable technology has gone one step ahead. They’ve developed a tech tattoo that is as good as being invisible. Just like temporary tattoo, this tech tattoo sticks to the skin, while doing things a fitbit does. It monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature etc. and moreover, isn’t uncomfortable unlike any other fitness band. But don’t mix this product up with a fitness tracker – the company has listed down other uses for it as well, like finding children in a crowded place or monitoring conditions of soldiers. The company thinks this device has the potential to help the user have a constructive life.

Glasses with Augmented Reality


Although similar to the idea Google Glasses was based on, the design of Vuzix Smart Glasses is sleek. It comes with 4GB of storage and lets you do everything you please – right from mobile entertainment to gaming. With the help of the wearable monocular display, the on-board processor, WiFi connectivity and other features, together make this device exciting yet reliable. Use it in any working environment as its voice feature, buttons and gesture controls, together give the user multiple choices when it comes to navigation. Another plus point being, it can act as a hands-free and is also compatible with remote video capabilities.

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