Free Travel Apps For The Road Trip

Road trips are really becoming popular these days.

All of us want to experience it at some point of time. No matter how well you plan your trip, there is going to be some unexpected detours. It could be from bad weather to your vehicle breaking down. To face those kind of hurdles, technology has made things easier for us.

All you need to have few apps on your smart phone and you will be right back on track. It will help you plan your trip in advance and yet stay flexible. They help you to navigate through traffic, get directions or make last-minute changes. Some apps will also suggest interesting places to visit or find a restaurant when you have hunger pangs. Best part is all these apps are for free.

So let’s us go a trip to know more about these apps.



It is a social travel app that will guide you to find places to stay, eat, and for recreation. Gogobot’s backpacking users upload photos, facts, and rankings of sites, while also tag them based on diverse interests, based on budget, adventure, family etc. Pictures taken by other users will guide you if the place is worth visiting.

Google Maps


It is a must have on your smart phone. It gives you exact direction even if you are in an unknown city or country. The best part of Google Maps is it detects real-time traffic, updates you on accident or construction. It even suggests your alternative routes.  It has an awesome GPS navigation system.



Just share your location and destination, information about your travel dates and stuff you are interested in and this app will suggest you a trip!! It will help you find exotic locations, amusement parks, restaurants etc. It will even map your entire trip.



While on a road trip there are high chances that you will not have good internet connectivity. This app will help you with offline maps when you have zero connectivity. Also it will update you about the space required by a particular map in case you download it. You will get suggestions on sightseeing options, updates on weather and better ways to see the destination.



This app is extremely useful on highways. It will also update you with potholes and accidents. Also it updates you about the car speed while navigating through traffic. The only down side is it eats up your battery.



This app allows you to browse around the globe, zoom in on any location, and download a comprehensive map of that area that you can use later. The best thing about Maps.Me is the detailed map of even the remotest places.



Best thing about this app is that it generates user based recommendations. It will help you find the closet restaurant or chemists at a location. Since it used by the locals, it is a great app to find shops or clinics that you might need in case of emergencies.

Hope these app help you. Happy touring!!

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