Fun Apps For Your Little One

It is always advisable to get your young ones learning at the youngest age possible, to ensure they grow up smart and knowledgeable.

Baby’s Musical Hands

Baby’s Musical Hands is a simple music-making app that rewards babies and toddlers with musical sounds and colourful starbursts whenever they touch the screen. The iPad version features 15 squares that produce different piano, guitar, and percussion sounds, while the iPhone and iPod Touch version features 10 instruments (piano and guitar only). This application is a wonderful first app for toddlers who are developing hand-eye coordination and learning about cause and effect. There are no buttons, distracting menus, instructions, or commercial tie-ins — kids simply tap anywhere on the screen to receive instant audio and visual feedback. As kids get more coordinated they can press specific coloured squares to hear different sounds, too.

Busy Shapes
2Busy Shapes is an exploring-to-learn activity for toddlers based on Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Busy Shapes gives children a digital playground to explore and has lots of features in place to make it easy for the youngest users to play without crashing or accidentally swiping out of the app, thus making it user friendly as well.  It uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust to keep kids challenged. Parents can set up different accounts for several kids and review how long kids played and the concepts they explored. This unique application isn’t about learning the names of the shapes, it’s about developing an awareness of how objects relate to each other and how they can impact the objects and the world around them.

Storybook Reading
 3Storybook Reading is an application that lets users record any book and share it via email or text. If the full version is used, users of the application can create unlimited books and share them, but the free download includes the ability to create two books to try it out. The recipients need to have Storybook Reading on their device to read the story. The reader’s face is shown in a window on the screen along with the pages of the book. This application is unique because it stands out from other read-aloud apps because readers can add any books they want and the vast array of choices are literally limitless. This application can be used a lot by different families: Storybook Reading enables loved ones can share books, new readers can practice their read-aloud skills, parents can create personalized stories for kids to watch during screen time, and more.

Nighty Night HD

This application is a short, nearly wordless interactive book about going to bed. Kids get to tap the rooms of the house (or barn) that still have lights on, and then, once they’ve entered that room, they get to turn off the light and put the animals to sleep. There’s not much of a story and the few words are only spoken, not written, so parents shouldn’t expect this to be a reading app. It does however, have nice cause-and-effect lessons for toddlers.

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