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Technology transforms with time. The advancement of Smartphones from past few decades is a proof that more is to come. One such feature is the fingerprint API, which Google made available recently. Let us look at other such features that users may find in future.


Several Smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, and many more have all included sensors in their products. However, sensors that can understand heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned and more have been added only freshly. In near future, it is predictable that sensors will become an essential part of the wearable products like shoes, clothes, and watches.

Better security

While fingerprint scanning is already being used in Apple iPhones and Android is getting ready to make use of this safety feature, it can be guessed that by 2018, retina scan feature will also be applied in order to provide enhanced security.

Superfast processing

Smartphones have considerably enhanced their performance by including multi-core processor architecture. At first, dual-core came in Smartphones, then quad-core, and now, octa-core processors govern the world of phones. However, according to the latest research, up to 32-cores can be expected to come in Smartphones in future.

Better-quality cameras

Old movie cameras that were once regarded as breakthrough in camera technology now lay obsolete for at least a decade. A smartphone camera comes with numerous smart features but not as smart and feature rich as the cameras of future will be. The future cameras may come with features like object tracking, and smart recording features conditional on the movement of object.

Voice Control

Smartphones hang on the user’s touch to run fully. Voice based navigation systems permit the user to navigate partly, but, in certain areas, the user’s touch is still required. In future, it can be expected that an OS completely reliant on on human voice may feature.

Bendable Screens

Bendable screens are not innovative. Several companies have already made models of Smartphones with bendable display touch screen. Even after several attempts, no company has come forth to put this technology in use. In future perhaps, the bendable screen technology will be put to use.

Bright LCD

There are plentiful occasions when sunlight dis-allows the user to view the screen of Smartphone. In future, we may come across such screen that reflects with the same power as the sun light falls on it. The down side of this technology is that it is costly and performs below par in low light.

Battery life

One of the biggest grievances that users make is about the battery life of their Smartphone. On heavy usage of Internet and watching videos, Smartphone batteries drain out faster, but, in future, the battery will be much more potent, which will last at least two days.

Indoor Positioning (IPS)

GPS is already being used as a perfect buddy for travelers for traveling new places. However, when it comes to indoors, GPS is useless. At places like Airports, where indoor navigation is vital for the passengers to easily find their way to the exact terminal, IPS systems play an essential role. This technology may come packed with Smartphones in future.

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Frequently upgrading the software is a real problem as updating the software might cause your phone to lag because of the older hardware.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

Maalin Ashar

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