Games That Can Get You To Rack Your Brains

Applications have become extremely useful and are a good way of staying updated, staying fit and a whole lot of other things. A much underrated and often forgotten usage of apps however, is the ability to use apps to play knowledge-seeking or other informative games. There are various logic, puzzle based games that ensure the user is left racking his/her brains trying to progress through the game.

W.Water Gamer


This application is one of the most famous applications with respect to various logic-related games. It contains a collection of more than 80 logic related games and is truly a must-have for users who want to test their wit against the virtual world of application-gaming. There are a couple of game icons at the bottom that look like buttons. At the top, there are buttons with stars, where the stars represent the difficulty level of the game. Each of the difficulty levels have 900 different levels under them. You get started by picking out the difficulty level and then getting started with the games. Each level is a different game that conforms to the difficulty level. While the logic puzzles are great, the developers do not seem to have put much thought into developing the interface. There is also little to no sound which makes the app-usage more boring and dry. On the whole though, the app more than makes up for it with its huge collection of over 90 games.



This application is an adaptation of a very famous computer game, called Bloxorz. The concept is simple, the user has to get his/her moving block to land vertically on the circular pad. Proceeding to do this is another matter – as special tiles, buttons and hatches will make life miserable for the effort. It is an incredibly fun game that will have users racking their brains over the correct way to progress and finish all 32 levels.



The creator of this game is the same as the creator of the world-famous game, Tetris. While the look and feel of the game is similar to Tetris, the similarities end there. The objective of the game is to piece together three blocks which have the exact same colour. While it might sound easy enough, the various colour combinations and different mirrored zones on both sides of the screen make it frustratingly hard to progress. The only way one is going to succeed is through composure and compositional thinking, something that needs one to rack their brains a great deal. This game is fun and tricky in equal measures and serves as a brilliant way to make those brain cells active.

Floating Islands Game


This application has received rave review and is being acclaimed for its brilliant sound-effects, designing and general gameplay. It is being touted as one of the best brain-teaser applications there is. In this game, the user controls a brain-dead person who has to collect all the stars, while manoeuvring through a collection of different floating islands. However, direct interaction with the character is impossible and the only way of manipulating him is through the environment.

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