Globalspace Technologies Solt Review

GlobalSpace Technologies is an Indian software and solutions firm which has come out with a tablet that it proclaims to be the “first of its kind”; the 3-in-1 tablet. The device costs Rs. 19,450 and is available from Snapdeal and Amazon India. The GlobalSpace Technologies Solt consists of three distinct units: the tablet itself, a wraparound keyboard case, and a desktop dock.

Look and Feel

The tablet looks very similar to most of the Windows 10 tablets in the market. The front is largely simple with thick black borders, a Start button below the screen and a webcam over it. The rear region has a matte finish which adds a touch of finesse to the model. All the ports and controls are clustered around the left of the tablet.

The keyboard itself is a solid plastic unit, attached to a bit of stiff fabric that can fold around the tablet to protect it. The most intriguing part of the package is the dock. It’s designed to hold the tablet upright whether or not the keyboard case is still attached. One cannot adjust the angle of the tablet when it is fitted inside the dock. The USB ports also become blocked. The dock has its own power supply and the user can leave it plugged in.


Specifications and Software

All the components that make the tablet run and function are inside the tablet. It is powered by an Intel processor with 4 low-powered cores. The RAM is 2GB and the tablet has an internal storage of 64GB, which can be extended to 128GB. There are additional USB ports as well along with the dock. The 10.1 inch screen has a 1280×800 resolution and can be operated by touch.

The rear camera is 5 megapixel and the front camera has a 2 megapixel capacity. The battery is 7,900 mAh and can last 5 hours if used judiciously. The tablet comes with 8.1 Windows but can be upgraded to Windows 10. A very interesting element is the fact that GlobalSpace provides a one year insurance policy with this tablet, which includes an anti-theft policy.


Usage and Performance

The Solt, as expected, delivers an entry-level performance. The pre-attached screen protector makes the display looked specked and grainy at times, which often affects the quality of HD videos played on the tablet. The keyboard works well for finger-picking but it is not suited for heavy typing. The tablet has loud speakers but the sound quality is not detailed and unclear at times. The USB ports are often flimsy and many a times, USB drives inserted into the tablet are not recognized and need to be re-entered. Flaps concealing different ports and bays are very flimsy and one needs to be careful not to break them while opening them.



As flexible as the Solt is, it’s still suited only for basic tasks such as Web surfing, communications, casual games and entertainment. Credit must be given to GlobalSpace though, for its imagination and for keeping costs low.

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