Google Maps vs. Waze: Which navigation app is better?


Technology has rescued us in many ways.

Now it is possible to travel anywhere in the world without referring the map or seeking the help of anyone to guide you with directions. All you need to do is carry your smartphone along with you and use the navigation app to guide you through the trickiest maze. Waze and Google Maps are the two most popular apps that people prefer to have on their phones.

Though they are both maintained by Google, they take two very different styles to navigation. Google Maps is more standard and simplified whereas Waze offers a more crowd sourced way of navigating. Let us look at the features of both these apps and find which one is the best?

Google Maps

Nobody is a stranger to Google Maps; it is one of the best navigation apps on the Playstore. One exclusive feature is that the app can search for destinations, giving you an opportunity to view the map using different intersections even when you are not connected to the net. Also, when required, you will be updated with re-routing and traffic updates and you get to know routes of more than 220 countries.

You may know where you are going, but unsure about how the destination looks like? Using Google Maps you can pull up the street view feature of the actual address so that you know just what to look out for. The best thing about this feature is that you will get a full 360 degree view, meaning that you can be able to spin the camera around and see everything around it. Plus, the app offers help not only to drivers; but also to people on bikes or even who love to walk. It is possible to locate your way even when you are in a mall or if you want to find good eating outlets.


It comes with more power packed features that you can actually expect from community driven maps.  It updates you with real-time traffic and will provide you with road information to save you some time from avoiding accident scenes, hitting those annoying roadblocks, and any other events that might interrupt you from reaching your destination on time. Also you will be updated with voice guide so that you can drive and still know exactly where to go and keep your eyes on the road. Waze also integrates a host of social media features like Facebook and FourSquare. Users can see which of their friends have checked-in to locations nearby. Plus the app studies your regular destination over time, and this includes hours as well as favored routes, so if you miss your turn, it will provide you with rerouting directions.

So, from this assessment you can easily conclude which of the apps can provide you with best features you are probably looking for. The good part is that both can offer you turn by turn navigation as well as voice guided help. If you are just looking to drive around town then Waze will be great to have on your phone. However, if you want to travel overseas or to a different continent, Google maps will be best suited for you.

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