Google Trips: Your Personal Travel Planner


Planning your next vacation but not sure where to begin? There’s a new app to help you get started and plan your perfect holiday. Your personal travel guide, Google Trips is an app you must check out.

An easy way to get travel plans that are curated according to your likes and interests, Google Trips has everything from suggestions for travel destinations, to best flight prices and hotels. Start off with the feature ‘Plan a Trip’, which helps users to find the estimated cost of their trip to a particular destination, for the coming six months. You can also find out what is the best hotel and flight for you by comparing prices.

Google Trips provides users with two options, one you can either search for a particular city, country or even continent, or two you can simply browse through the collections of trips available. Using the Search feature, you can also customize a vacation according to your interest. For example, if you want to checkout surfing in Australia, simply type out Australia surfing, or else try Australia hiking. You can also check out itinerary suggestions, top sightseeing, what is the best time to make your trip and even watch videos so that you can make the perfect choice.

The Google Trips app integrates the search engine’s in-depth knowledge of places and provides the best possible rates of flights and hotels, right on one page. So you no longer have to switch between ten different tabs to compare all the information that you need. The app automatically links a user to the Google Flights app, so that you can even book your plane tickets as you make your plans.

Designed to help budget travellers, the app has filters like Tips and Deals, which will allow you to see those hotels which are offering good deals. Additionally, the Tips filter shows which hotels are cheaper on alternate dates to those you have selected. If you want to stay updated on any changes in the price of flights, you can do so through this app which lets you keep track of flights on a certain day, a particular flight or even flight routes.

Users can now access all their travel data and reservations in once place. Another interesting feature is the Day Plans, which shows you places that you can visit, according to what you have searched for previously in Google Maps. A travel itinerary can be modified according to the weather or even your travel companions and what places they have visited. If you want to know the best way to travel around a city, what sort of clothes to wear or what customs you must be aware of, Google Trips will be able to give you all this information, offline!

Now released internationally, Google Trips is available in English on both the Android and iOS platforms.

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