Googles Classroom Feature to Help Focus on Students Individually

For teachers, shuffling through assignments & waiting to collaborate with students is a very tedious task.

There is a lot of paperwork involved which creates a lag in the process not making it a very effective mode of dispensing assignments and creation of study material.

Google Inc. moved into the Education space with the launch of its learning platform – Google classroom.  The tool is designed to enable teachers to make basic tasks more effective, such as organising and creating assignments along with providing feedback and building communication with students. Also, there is a section dedicated for teachers, where they can provide information regarding the classes.  The main aim of the platform is to make teaching easier as well as interactive and reduce the use of paper.

Google Classroom

The platform was introduced as a feature of Google Apps for Education and was publicly released on August 12, 2014. This is a free app and can be accessed through your Gmail account. It also integrates your G-suite for Education with all your G-suite services, such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Calendar.

Since its inception, Google Classroom has gone through multiple changes and upgrades. Here are the newest upgrades for the platform.

One on one interactions

Through annotate documents, teachers can grade and interact with students one on one without being present in the same place. Annotation gives students a portable classroom whiteboard to solve complex homework challenges from anywhere. Teachers can use this tool to grade individual assignments as well as post announcements to individual students.

 New notifications for teachers

As a teacher, you can set-up notifications for certain activities. You can customise your notifications for mobile viewing. Also, you can decide which other ones are priority notifications such as:

When a student resubmits their work.

When a student attaches a private note.

When a student submits work late.

When a teacher invites you teach a course as an external teacher.

When someone comments on your post or mentions you in a post.

These notification can help you keep a track on the progress of the student and makes teaching the course more effective.

More access for Administrators

If you are a G-suite for education administrator, you can keep a track of usage trends and monitor classroom usage within the organisation. These are the metrics available to administrators:

Number of weekly active users.

Number of active classes in a 14-day period.

Number of courses created.

Number of posts created by teachers and students.

Coursework changes for third-party developers.

As an administrator using the Classroom API, you can perform similar tasks to teachers and students through the classroom UI. For example, you are able to synchronize student information systems, review all the classes being taught and manage coursework. For non-google users, you can use the API integrated features with Classroom services. Further, they can view, add, grade, create and modify classroom work.

New Android feature

For teachers using android devices, they can now edit the description and add material to the ‘About Tab’

This is the perfect tool for teachers to have a more interactive relationships with students.

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