GoPro Hero 5 Black: Review

Camera aficionados out there will affirm that a GoPro can do no wrong! If you’re looking for the best action camera around, the GoPro Hero 5 Black is the one you want to make a beeline for. What makes it so special? It’s essentially the best of all that GoPro has stood for all this while, with the addition of a few new (and beneficial) features to boot. What more could you want?

go pro hero 5

Product Specifications

A snazzy redesign of GoPro’s main range of cameras, the Hero 5 Black sees the return of the 30fps video of its predecessor, the Hero 4 Black, as well as a touchscreen display and a 2-inch LCD screen. In addition, the camera promises to be waterproof, and throws in a bunch of other well-thought out details as well.

The Hero 5 Black continues to be presented in the same rectangular shape as other GoPro cameras, but it is now waterproof up to 33 feet sans a case. Of course, locking the screen before taking it in the water helps, as exposure to water drops can result in changes in settings. Under rough conditions, it can take a fair beating too. In addition to the touchscreen, the 2-inch diagonal panel is responsive, with an easy-to-read menu.

In a first for GoPro, the camera offers voice controls, and can understand up to seven languages. This is especially useful for a user who is in the middle of some extreme sports, because you can command the camera to both start and stop recording as per your requirement. While it is not perfect yet owing to some distortion at times, GoPro may well come up with a remote control that has a mic which can be clipped to the user’s collar to help improve audio quality.

As is the norm with GoPro cameras, the image quality cannot be faulted. At 1080p and 2.7K, you wind up taking some quality shots with various shooting modes to choose from. There is less noise, more picture detail and a wider dynamic range. The in-built GPS auto-tags the photos you click.

Coming to the battery, it has been upgraded from 1160mAh to 1220mAh, which helps enormously when you are working with GPS as well as voice control, both of which consume a fair amount of power. This combined usage may reduce the battery life by about 15 minutes, which definitely is no deal-breaker. The camera also uses the USB Type-C for charging and data transfer, the pro of which is the quick execution. If you’re looking beyond all of this for more features, know that the Hero 5 Black also includes faster wireless data transfers, RAW photo capability and electronic image stabilisation.

go pro hero 5

The Verdict

With an attractive design, features that definitely deserve a mention and a superior build quality in addition to a reasonable price for the value it offers, the Hero 5 Black does pretty well for itself. In a nutshell, it does prove itself to be the best action camera in the market today, and is definitely the one to put your money on.

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