Have You Checked Out This Must-Have App For Music Lovers?

For a music lover, a good music app is not just one that stores all your music and shuffles through your playlist. To be worthy of your usage, an app must offer a variety of additional features to give it that extra edge and make it really stand out amongst the sea of other apps. The Music Lounge app developed by Idea Cellular offers a range of exciting features, making it an absolute must-have for all music lovers!

Here’s a look at what the app the delivers:

Idea Music Lounge

Choose what quality of music you listen to

When you are streaming music online, a low network connection can hamper your listening experience by causing breaks in the music due to buffering. Thankfully with the Music Lounge app, this issue is tackled as it allows you to select the quality that you wish to stream music at, according to the internet bandwidth you receive. Also, the app has simplified the streaming process by letting users listen to music with a single tap.

Download songs and listen offline

Rather than repeatedly streaming songs online and wasting your internet data, Music Lounge provides a solution. Save data with the app by simply downloading the songs that you like, whenever you have a strong WiFi connection. This cool feature allows you to store songs for offline listening so that you never have to struggle with poor internet and buffering again!

Sing along with active lyrics

Create your own karaoke session using this app by enabling the dynamic lyrics feature. Sing along to your favourite songs with the actively scrolling lyrics, which allow you to receive the lyrics right on the app’s music player screen.

A complete music player

In addition to providing a music streaming service, the app also has an integrated music player. This offers all the capabilities of a complete music player, with functions like play, pause, fast-forward, shuffle and more.

Uncover new music

Discovering new music that you actually like can be a tedious process. To make it easier for you, the Music Lounge app allows you to search for songs according to artists, remixes or even albums. So not only is it easier to find your favourite songs, but finding new tracks that are similar to your tastes is also made simpler with this app!

Build activity-based playlists

When you are working out, on a romantic date or heading out on a road trip, you need the right music to help set the mood. As an answer to this dilemma, Music Lounge has a feature that allows you to create activity-based music playlists. Choose your favourite songs and group them together for a perfect track list to pump-up your spirits.

With so many cool features, every music lover must check out the Idea Music Lounge app on the App Store or Google Play Store today!

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