Have You Customized Your OnePlus One Yet?

Soon, you won’t need invites to purchase the famous OnePlus One!

It has earned humongous popularity, thanks to its high end specifications and not to mention, the CyanogenMod 11. Other flagship smart phones in the market are indeed finding this phone a tough competitor.

Whenever you think of CyanogenMod, it does bring the entire idea of customization to the fore. So let’s explore some of the unexplored ways to customize your OnePlus One.

Theme Showcase


You will find this app in the app drawer. It will help you find new themes available in the store and also let you purchase the high-end ones. Google Play store too provides themes that are compatible with Cyanogen.

Edit Quick Settings


Do you think your old notification pull down bar needs a change?  Go to quick settings, which you can find from the notification bar from the right side, and tap on the big + sign to add any desired settings. You can also remove a setting by tap holding and dragging it to the trash can.



If you prefer setting your phone lock and changing the Wi-Fi setting at home, instead of doing it manually, toggle it with NFC tags. This setting can be found under Settings > Button > Power Menu.

Customize The Notification LED


You can customize the notification LED and assign different shades of color to different apps and while charging too. Go to Settings > Display & Lights; in the Lights section, you can change Pulse notification light entry and the Battery light entry.

Quick launch camera


We never want to let go of the best moments in life! So, by launching the camera quickly, you can capture those precious split seconds through Settings > Interface > Gesture. Another way to launch the camera app is by Settings > Lock screen; here you can add the camera widget on the Lock screen.

Block Calls and messages


Get rid of those annoying callers and text messages without taking help of any third party apps. Go to Settings > Privacy > Blacklist – here you can simply adjust and assign certain rules for private and unknown numbers.

Save Battery Life


Reduce the screen on time and this can save battery to a great extent. Go to Settings > Display & Lights > Sleep.  You can also reduce the CPU speed so that it consumes less energy. However, this is not the best option while playing games or working on your phone.

Double-Tap To Wake And Swipe To Sleep


Bored of using power button again and again to wake up your device and turn it off? Well, now you can double-tap on your screen to turn your phone on and swipe to put it to sleep. You need to go to Settings > Display & Lights and scroll down to tick the box next to Double-tap to wake.

Take screen shots


You no longer need to press the power button and the volume down button at the same time to get a screen shot. In OnePlus One, once you long press the power button, along with the switch off, the screen shot option will get pulled up as well.

Do Not Disturb



Between sleep and wake altering the sound settings, you can now get a good night’s sleep. Your phone can choose the time when you sleep by changing the sound settings to silent and loud. You can access this by going to Settings> Sound > Quiet hours.

Well, truly this phone never settles for anything but the best!

Picture courtesy- rootzwiki.com, wonderhowto.com, cbsistatic.com, amazonaws.com, androidpolice.com, ubergizmo.com, wonderhowto.com, androidbeat.com, digitaltrends.com, slidesharecdn.com, oneplus.net.

by techtalks @TechTalks March 16, 2015 7:50 AM UTC


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