Health Care Apps For Android Users

Keeping up a good standard of health can be tough work- America’s constantly rising obesity levels are testament to that. However, our smartphones can serve as a robust accessory in keeping us healthy- if we arm it with the right apps. These are a few suggestions.



Medscape is a very famous application and was the most awaited app for Android users. The application is useful as a quick medical reference for prescription drug information. It also deals with herbal medications and its uses. The application serves as a portal for users to read about the latest medical news and possible breakthroughs in the medical industry. The application has a comprehensive search tool which encompasses not just drugs, but also other diseases and pathology information. There is a large collection of videos and photos of complicated medical procedures as well. While this might not be as effective as a live demonstration, it is extremely useful for medical students and other interested users who wish to learn about the nuances of a certain procedure. All in all, a very useful application and a must-have.



This is an application that is very helpful for healthcare professionals and other medical industry aficionados. This application is a well catalogued database of medical information. It specialises in pharmacology information. This app is famous for its Pill Identifier. It helps to differentiate different pills by their size, colour etc. This is extremely helpful for those patients and doctors who are dealing with multiple pills and a myriad of medications. The drug reference section is also well developed. Users can browse the drugs according to their type and features. The application also has inbuilt tables which present medical theory, procedures and guidelines in an organised manner.

John Hopkins ABX Guide


This application is a comprehensive reference application. It allows the user to research and find information for medication and treatments regarding illnesses. It provides details about the recommended dosages, possible side effects and the benefits of any drug the user enters. The application is famous for its table which compares and analyses drug costs, making it economical for the consumer and also ensuring that the consumer makes the right choice while buying a drug. The application also provides evidence-based recommendations, which help to decide which drug to consume based on the user’s lifestyle.

Red Cross First Aid


As the name of the application suggests, this application deals with first aid. We can never be fully prepared for an accident or any other emergency. This application provides the users with small snippets of information and daily anecdotes on how to deal with accident situations. It provides a step by step procedure for many cases, right from asthma attacks to broken bones. It also contains information and guidelines about various steps to be taken during natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. A very useful feature is that it pre-loads all content and thus cellular service or an internet connection is not always needed. This application is very helpful and easy to understand as well.

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Mobile Upgrades: Killing The Product Before Its Time?

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Frequently upgrading the software is a real problem as updating the software might cause your phone to lag because of the older hardware.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

Maalin Ashar

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