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Bluetooth headphones are now going to be in trend, especially after Apple launched their own Airpods. Samsung, with their Gear Fit, are also looking to make their mark in music industry along with fitness functions which they provide in those Bluetooth earphones. There are many such wireless headphones available, but music enthusiasts have rated Bose’s QC35 as the best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones which effectively cancel out flight takeoff or landing noise, train whooshing around you and other such droning sounds. Also, the quality of the sound never drops even via Bluetooth which makes it arguably the best headphones in the market that money can buy right now. But Here One earphones have additional features which it hopes will distinguish itself from the market.


The latest offering from Doppler Labs aims at improving the noise cancellation experience, with its “in-ear computers” that promises to cancel out noises intelligently according to your surroundings. Launched almost a year after its Here Active Listening earphones, the successor’s ability to create filters on the fly is what makes Here One earphones unique in the market. You can hear your friend screaming at a concert or choose to ignore the baby’s cry when you want a nice sleep in your flight. Another great feature is you can augment your surround sound with the songs from your playlist. You will not need to pause the music while paying bill at a grocery store. We all had our fantasies of having a background score in our life and Here One earphones aims to do exactly that, and much more.


Once you have paired your phone, it allows you to talk to it, via Siri, Cortana or likes. The cross-platform support gives an edge over Samsung’s Gear Fit or Apple’s AirPods. You can now easily book a cab via Uber, read and reply to texts and perform so much more with these earphones. They are light in weight and are available in three sizes to fit comfortably in your ear. The top is glossy black and stands out when you have them in your ear.  The Here companion app makes it easy for you to enhance your real life surround noise by nine filters which are included by default. The microphone picks up the ambient noise, analyses it and filters it according to your settings. The downside is well, battery life. It lasts around 4-5 hours on a single charge and you can charge it twice in the case which comes along with it. While the company claims them to be ‘always-on’ earphones, the battery life certainly could have been better. But with so many abilities, the processors are bound to eat up battery. So it’s a compromise you will have to make which picking them up. The pre-orders have begun at $299 and are expected be shipping by sometime in November. With Apple ditching the 3.5mm jack, the market is ripe for Here One earphones to please the music lovers.

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