Horizon: Zero Dawn Game Review

It’s a completely different experience to be released into a brand new world of gaming and find a wide mythological arena, alarmingly combative characters, and enticing questions that are hard to forget.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of those games that shapes a one of a kind existence within the famous action-games genre. The game is an integration of beautifully flexible combat and surprisingly thoughtful themes.

It is a mysterious game which makes you very eager to solve it at the earliest. The leader Aloy raises amazing questions and the ancient fierce machine-run open world she resides in will keep you engrossed in trying to figure out what will be end of this game? She remains largely a well-intentioned character, which is in step with Horizon’s broader story. The ideas pushed by the game like the nature of creation are extraordinarily desirous. Nimbly is another alluring character with a sarcastic humour which is a state of mind of her big-hearted heroism.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The most fascinating feature of the game is its combat, which is a variety of 26 distinct species who are animal-like machines that roam the large landscape of the game. These beasts have several weak points that can be scanned using Aloy’s Focus device (a lore-friendly device that gives you Witcher-like heightened senses), and hitting different points can have different results that change the way a fight plays out. Aloy moves about the world with unexplored ease. The developer, Guerrilla, has done an excellent job at making the base movements like rolling, rappelling down cliff faces and climbing, fluid and responsive.

The fight isn’t only with machines but also with human targets who are populated at the gangster camp in this huge world. Except for clearing these enemy camps, a variety of activities in the game include digging in ancient bunkers for clues from the past, tracking machines through dedicated hunting grounds, and climbing to the top of a giant brontosaurus-like Tallneck to unlock more of the map. Horizon’s ‘post-post apocalyptic’ landscape itself is an aggressive beauty in itself ranging from snowy vistas, autumnal forests, and vast deserts, frozen mountain peaks or the calcified remains of a skyscraper.

The main missions are collaborated with current-day politics to solve the mysteries of the old world. Horizon boosts you to pursue your own story, but help others a little on the way too. Its main reveal is provocative and smart, and a great way to end the journey.

Across a vast and beautiful open world, Horizon: Zero Dawn juggles many moving parts with brilliance and cleverness. We like to thank the various designs and behaviours of the machine characters roaming around in their lands which make the main combat activity amazingly play worthy. The missions are also fascinating because of the central mystery that leads you down a deep rabbit hole with a surprising and moving conclusion.

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