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With Hotstar app, get the latest TV Shows, Movies and LIVE sports on your Android device and iOS completely free of charge! No sign up fees, or registration required. Here you get full-length episodes of your favourite shows or movies, be it Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Bengali, in addition to live streaming of cricket matches. You can also watch free streaming of all matches of Pepsi IPL 2015. The main screen shows videos from various categories, and is organized neatly into tabs such as Featured, Sports, TV Shows and Movies. You can swipe either side to go to the next section and tap any video to start playing it. Overall, you will like the smooth transitions the app provides.



It is a good looking app from Star India which runs very smoothly on both iOS and Android. An interesting tiled layout makes it easy to find the best videos. This isn’t something ground-breaking but well-done nevertheless. You will be surprised to see that the app already has a lot of content. Some shows have more than 1,500 episodes to watch, and some of them are available to watch online or as downloads for offline viewing. If you are a fan of Star’s TV shows, then this app will let you catch up with your favourites.

Everything about this app looks good until you start doing the real thing – play videos. The app doesn’t have any setting to let you choose video quality and as a substitute automatically adjusts video quality based on your connection speed. However, you shouldn’t expect HD videos even when you’re connected on your high-speed broadband at home. Hotstar’s streams are not too bad on phones but may look blurry on an iPad.



The app plays a minute long ad at the beginning of some videos which cannot be skipped, but on a slow 512 kbps connection the ad may buffer thrice. There’s no play-pause control here, so the only choice is to tap the screen, which loads the website of the advertiser in the app, and close that to make the ad finish playing. However the performance will be better on a faster Internet connection.

The biggest problem with the Hotstar iOS app lies in how it monitors interruptions; be it a call, notification or a text message. So every time you answer a call and get to the app, you will find that it has reverted to the home screen. And you have to play the video from the beginning. Not to miss the ad again! This is a needlessly frustrating experience for users. This is a very basic glitch that has been overlooked.

However, overall it’s a nice app which is free to use and you don’t have to register. The only costs incurred while using this amazing video streaming app are the data or mobile internet charges for streaming and downloading videos. If you are interested in Indian TV and if it lets you resume videos from where you stopped, after answering a call or accidentally closing the app, you we’d be a lot happier.

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