How To Change Your Alexa Device Name

 Alexa device

Communicating with your speaker has never been so easy, or has it become more complicated? Especially, if your speaker is named Alexa or your television is too close to your speaker and it randomly lights up.

What is Alexa?

The Alexa device is a ‘virtual assistant’, but that’s nothing new. So what makes it different?  Alexa is centralised technology available in all in-home amazon devices, mainly, the Amazon Echo (Alexa), an always listening speaker. If you possess multiple Alexa devices in the house, they may tend to activate when you say the wake word. However, you don’t need to reconfigure every device, as the Echo Spatial Perception makes sure that the speaker responds to only your voice.

The voice activated Amazon speaker ‘Alexa’ will begin responding the moment you say ‘Alexa’ and hearing your requests and commands.  However, if you are slightly reluctant to address your speaker with a human name, fret not. The voice activated device allows you to change its name to something more appealing or animated.  Changing the name of the speaker reduces the number of times it randomly begins to light up, in turn making you jump in your skin.

Here’s how you can change the wake word of your Alexa device

Alexa device

Before you rename your device, think of a name that is unique, but easy to remember.  Then, go to or access the app through iOS or Android. After which, click on the hamburger button in the top left corner on your Android or iOS device and then, expand the side menu.  Go to settings tab on the side menu and click on the Alexa device whose name you wish to change. Once you have chosen your device, go to settings of that particular device, after which, click on the wake word. From the drop-down menu choose your preferred word and then save.

Test your device by saying the wake word out loud. If it responds to either Echo or Amazon or the word you chose, then it’s done.

Along with changing the wake word you can also the change the name of your device. Here’s how-

Change the name of the device

Alexa device

In addition to accidental activation of your Alexa device, you may get rather confused with the multiple Alexa devices in your phone or the web client.

While each Alexa device will have different settings, it is essential to differentiate between the devices to prevent future confusion as well as quicker access to troubleshooting methods for it to function smoothly.

Go to or open the app on your iOS and Android device. Then, click on the hamburger icon on the top left of corner to access the side menu. After which, go to settings and click on the Alexa devices and choose the specific device. Beside the chosen device name, click edit.  Type in the name of your choice and save it.

Changing the device name will not alter the wake word or the way you interact with the device, but, it’s best to have unique names to save time on looking for the right device.

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