How To Disable ‘Geotagging’ On Your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram And Pinterest

All of us are precious and want our family and loved ones to stay away from any harm. With social media being an important part of our lives, our privacy is at stake. Features like geotagging in fact take it to the next level. The app tags any image or post you make with location you are at. This is a real privacy issue. This is activated by your smart phone’s global positioning system. This feature allows others to see your location.

Anything from status updates, photos or check-ins will get tagged. There are few ways that this feature can be disabled by changing your security settings.


By default, Instagram makes you post or taking using the app, public. Anyone with an Instagram account can view your pictures.

To change that, go to Edit Your Profile and you will find the Photos are Private button at the bottom. Change it to ON if you want only selected people to view your pictures.

Also, when you post a picture using Instagram the geotagging feature is ON by default.  You can turn that OFF when you are posting a picture by moving the Add to Photo Map to OFF which deactivates the geotag.


Like other applications out there, you can link a new account with an existing Facebook or Twitter profile. There are advantages and disadvantages to it. You can reorganize updates by posting it in multiple places with one tap.

Once you get into Pinterest, ensure to click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner and select Settings to see what is accessible by the public, who can search for you and what social networks have been associated with your account.

There are tons of apps available, and hundreds are being launched every day.  If you are unsure about what is visible to the public, take your time to go through your profile or the settings of an app or web site once the account is created.

Also discuss your learnings with your friends and loved ones who may unaware.


Twitter also features geotagging, but it needs to be manually be turned on.  Nowadays Twitter is now integrated into the phone’s main applications, and the location service must be turned on manually.

You have to manually turn on or “give permission” in the phone’s Settings menu. You can find that particular setting under Privacy > Location Services.

There you will find a full listing of the apps that are designed to tag your location when you post as well as where you can turn that feature on or off for each.

On Twitter you can click on the gear icon in the top right corner and then Settings to find some other helpful privacy tools about account security.


Most of the important privacy settings can be found in the Privacy Settings menu under gear icon in top right corner of the Facebook web site when you are logged in.

There you can view your information and feeds. Please thoroughly check each one of it and change them as per your preference.

Also visit the Timeline and Tagging, for it has relevant info about friends being able to tag you at places without having your permission.

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