How To Keep Your Smartphone Cool

Carrying a smartphone is cool, but they do get heated up right? Well, the temperature of your phone rises due to two main factors; the battery and the processor. There are quite a few ways in which you can prevent your device from overheating. Let’s take a look.


Stop playing HD Games, Watching Videos and Internet Browsing While Charging

Playing high end games or streaming videos or even internet browsing imposes a lot of pressure on the processor of your device since these tasks require too many resources and that’s what results in overheating. Too much gaming which involves heavy graphics could put stress on the mother board of the smartphone causing the electronic inputs to run at a much faster rate, leading to the rise in temperature. However, it could get worse if you try to perform those tasks while your phone is charging. Worst case scenario, your smartphone could burst!

Remove Phone Cover While Charging

There is practically no room for ventilation in Android devices and it is the main reason why devices overheat. Unlike desktops or laptops which come with committed fans or cooling systems, there is not much space for airing inside the smartphones and hence it heats up faster. So, it is suggested that you remove the cover while charging your phone because large batteries are literally sated inside the shrinking cases. If the temperature rises, it will get worse.

Replace Old, Worn Out Battery

Smartphone manufacturers often incorporate batteries in their devices from external sources and these batteries usually have a 300 to 500 charging cycle as their life span.  Replacing your old battery with a new one after a year or two is advisable since it will not hamper the life of your smartphone and will aid to the heating issue to some extent. Also, it is suggested that you recharge your smartphone before your battery dies completely.

Do not leave your phone in a hot, enclosed place

The surrounding temperature could also be a reason behind overheating of a smartphone. If your phone is kept in an enclosed area, like for instance, in a closed and hot car, it will rise to a temperature which is 20 degrees more than the exteriors. It could also result in your smartphone bursting. Also, try to avoid using any device under direct sunlight as even that can cause damage.

Also apps like GPS, fast internet browsers use a lot of battery and the processor, causing your phone to heat up very quickly.

Reality is that a little heat is inevitable in all smartphones. So it is partially up to you to not let it overheat. Metallic body in a smartphone is still better as it helps in diffusing the heat which is generated by the processor of your phone which in comparison, the plastic covers fail to perform to some extent. A quick way to give relief to your smartphone is that, when you notice your phone is heating up, remove the back cover immediately. The phone will cool down faster.

If you find the above ways useful and feel that we have missed out on something, feel free to add them in the comment section below.

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