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When a friend goes off balance or falls we have a hearty laugh, but when our phones fall or are plagued with the slightest glitch, tears start streaming down the face. And if it’s an IPhone, the tears have an all meaning.

Even though iPhone users are treated with a consistent and rather glitch free usage, over a period of time the phone can get slower, just like any other operating system. However, there are loads of tricks that can considerably improve your iPhone experience.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to make your iPhone zoom like the wind.

Get rid of crap you don’t need

An overstuffed phone is a slow phone, so you need to figure out what is making your iPhone lag and give it a little space to do its job. Clear the clutter. To understand what is taking up space on your system go to Settings > General > scroll down to Usage. The list will be long, but it’s worth the wait. Before you decide to randomly strike down the apps in your phone, take a look at the top five apps that could give you a fair idea of the space hoggers. Trash the ones that are taking the most space along with the forgotten games and apps. They are taking up space for no reason and making your phone lag. But before you go crazy with the delete button, back up your phone.

Delete the old messages

Nostalgia is a good thing, but when it’s taking up space in your phone. You love to go over the conversation you had with your best friend a year ago, it is great to walk down memory lane, but it’s got to go.  It is taking up necessary space and overcrowding your phone. Instead of, bloating your phone with text message back- them up and free up some space. You could set your messages to delete after 30 days, which will automatically delete the whole thread of messages and media attached to it.

No auto updates

It’s always fun to have your phone updated with the latest apps, but that might cost the speed of your phone. If you are the impatient type, then comprising on speed is not your thing. Therefore, it is best to turn off auto updates, which makes your phone lag. Go to settings > iTunes & App store > turn off auto update and download.

Turn off location services

Many apps ask whether they can use your location, which is not the best thing for your phone. This not only slows your phone down but also poses a security issue. Location services is not a necessary tool and should be switched off time to time.

To switch off location services, go to setting > privacy> location services. Here you can choose whether you wish to switch it off completely or bar certain apps from using it. Apps like Facebook don’t need to highlight your location, it’s best to switch it off and gain some much-needed speed.


Before you hurl unpleasant words at your iPhone for working at snail speed, try these neat tips and tricks to speed your device up. Remember overstuffing doesn’t help your system nor your phone, so keep it light.

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Frequently upgrading the software is a real problem as updating the software might cause your phone to lag because of the older hardware.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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