How To Maximize Laptop Battery Life


It happens all the time. You’re low on battery. Maybe you’re halfway through a five-hour plane ride. Maybe you forgot the charger in the office… six hours ago. The point is, you need to work some battery magic.

These days, laptops have improved microprocessors, sharper graphics, and beefier storage. They’re also more efficient than ever. There are plenty of strategies to enhance your battery life, even if you don’t have a solid state drive.
Here’s what to do when you need to save power on the fly. We’ll also key into some long-term ways to condition your laptop into that power sipping machine you’re always wanted.

Tips and tricks to optimize battery life in a pinch

1. Enable power saver mode

Just about every laptop has some kind of power saving mode. Enabling power saving mode will automatically improve your computer’s battery efficiency with small adjustments such as dimming your monitor and setting a quicker sleep timer.

2. Eject any discs you aren’t currently using

If your computer has a disc drive, remember, your battery will drain faster when it’s spinning a disc. Some PC games let you install the entire program to the hard drive, so choose this option whenever possible and you’ll get more life out of the laptop. Needless to say, your laptop battery will last much longer when using programs that require less physical hardware response and therefore put a smaller drain on system resources.

3. Disconnect peripherals

Devices plugged into ports will drain power. Familiar culprits are webcams, USB thumbsticks, or wireless PC cards. We’d recommend you get used to employing your notebook’s touchpad instead of using an external mouse on the plane. Wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can also drain your supply, so be sure these radios and hands-free earpieces are turned off.

4. Close any background apps

You may not realize just how much more power you’ll use by having multiple apps running at the same time. You should take stock of which apps are running in the background and killing your battery.

5. Install a bigger battery

Some computers have space for a bigger battery than the one that shipped with your PC. For example, older laptops typically have a regular 6-cell battery that can deliver up to four hours of battery life, depending on the application. But you can optionally choose to buy an 8- or 12-cell battery that will add many hours of endurance.

6. Calibrate your battery

If your battery isn’t holding a charge for as long as it once did, regular recalibration can help regain some of that lost capacity. We recommend calibrating your battery every one-to-three months. To recalibrate your battery, follow these steps:

a.) Charge your battery to 100 percent. Once it reaches a full charge, leave it plugged in for another hour or two.

b.) Disconnect from the power source, and keep your machine running until it gives you a battery level warning and begs you to be plugged back in. Ignore this warning, and let it die completely. Make sure you’ve saved anything important before this happens.

c.) After your computer has died, let it stay dead for another 1-2 hours for good measure.

d.) Once it’s sufficiently dead, plug it back in and let it reach a full charge before using it again. When it reaches 100 percent, your battery has been properly calibrated.

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