How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android


Are you thinking of switching from iOS to Android? And if that so, you will have to transfer all the contacts from your iPhone to your new Android handset. Thus we have assorted some of the methods which will help you to get your job done with ease.

Sync contacts with your Google account

You’ll need a Google account to use an Android phone. So while transferring your contacts, your iPhone will ask for your permission as to which Google account you would like to select in order to sync. Once you select, your iOS device will begin to sync contacts with your Android handset. It may take a while. Make sure you have an active internet connection.

However, your iPhone won’t update you about the progress. In order to check, go to Google Contacts from your desktop, sign in and check the list of contacts. Once completed, login to your Google account from your android device and you are all set.

Transfer with iCloud

Having an iCloud enabled on your iPhone will make the process a little faster. Go to settings on your iPhone and choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Then choose Accounts where you will

find the iCloud listed. Once you select it and turn on the toggle for Contacts, your iPhone will ask you to merge your contacts with iCloud.  Once this is done, steer to from your web browser on your desktop and login with your Apple ID. When you are there, choose Contacts and click on the wheel at the lower-left corner and pick Select All. Once again click on the wheel and select Export vCard.

Now return to your Gmail account and click on the Mail button and choose Contacts. Click on the More tab and choose Import. Select Choose File and then the saved vCard file. Once the importing is completed, Gmail will show you the number of contacts imported.

Please note you may be left with some duplicate contacts which you can easily get rid of. Simply click on Find & Merge Duplicates button under the More tab.

Transfer with iTunes

If your contacts are stored elsewhere other than Gmail, it will help you to transfer your contacts through iTunes on your computer as well.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and go to iTunes. Now move to the phone screen by clicking on iPhone at your upper right hand corner. Look for Info tab and check the box right next to Sync Contacts With. Select Google Contacts from the menu and enter credentials when asked.

Once completed syncing, log in to your Android device with your Google account and you will find all your contacts.

Use a third party application like My Contacts Backup and PhoneSwappr

My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup is probably the most popular app for transferring contacts. Simply open the app, and tap the Backup button. Once the backup is completed, tap the send button and enter your gmail ID. The app will send a .vcf file to your email address.


Download PhoneSwappr on both your iOS and Android device. Open it on your iPhone, and select “Send Contacts to Cloud”. After synchronization it shows a 6-digit code. Don’t lose it. Now open the app on your Android device and select Get Contacts from Cloud. Enter the confirmation code and it will sync with your device.

If you know of other ways of syncing, please post it in the comments below.

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