HP Launches World’s Thinnest Convertible EliteBook X360

Hewlett-Packard (HP), the California based information technology giant, known for inventing the world’s slimmest laptop, HP Spectre, has now unveiled the EliteBook X360 which the company has claimed as the world’s thinnest convertible. The laptop was unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January.

The new EliteBook X360 comes with a 13.3 inch UWVA display along with Gorilla Glass and ultra slim touch response. It has a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The laptop is powered by the Intel Core seventh generation (Core i7-7600U, Core i5-7200U, Core i5-7300U) processors. The EliteBook X360 comprises a 128GB M.2 SSD storage which can be extended up to 260GB M.2. The laptop supports a 16GB DDR4 RAM. HP is branding the gadget as a business laptop.

hp elitebook

The company, however, didn’t reveal anything about the camera fitted to the EliteBook X360 at CES. Regarding the connectivity features, the laptop supports various options like NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and Type C USB coupled with Thunderbolt. There are also two USB ports, along with one HDMI, a micro-SIM card slot, a headphone jack, and microSD card reader.

The EliteBook X360 uses the Windows 10 Home as the operating system (OS). Users can upgrade the OS with one of their choice. But it has to be purchased separately.

The build of the laptop is great and it feels good as well. The shell is manufactured from brushed aluminium. Regardless of the ultra-thin form factor, the laptop is strong and is likely to withstand the rigours of years being pushed into your laptop bag or your backpack.

hp elitebook

The EliteBook X360 weighs 1.29 kg only. It’s one of the lightest notebooks in its class. It’s just marginally heavier than Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 but more powerful. It’s just 15mm thick which is somewhat thicker than its rivals.

The keyboard can be flipped around and the EliteBook X360 can be used as a tab. Taking notes is easy with the optional active stylus. It’s fuss-free, courtesy the Ink features of the Windows 10 Home OS.

The privacy screen of the laptop is its most interesting feature. It’s called Sure View. Unlike several other business laptops where the privacy screen is an added accessory which the user has to attach and detach manually, in the EliteBook X360 there’s a layer on top of the touch-enabled display. You simply need to press the button on the first row of the keyboard.  The Sure View is activated and dramatically reduces the horizontal viewing angles of the screen, which means a nosey folk sitting right next to you won’t be able to snoop into what you are working on.

But the Sure View is not entirely without issues. The darker colours appear pale, making the right and left corners of the screen quite difficult to view. As a result, there’s some backlight bleeding at the bottom of the panel. HP claimed that it’s still in the process of adjusting the privacy filter which is expected to be bettered before the commercial release of the laptop. Buyers can opt for the Full HD option with no privacy screen.

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