Implosion: The Rapid Action Game You Need to Play

Implosion-Never Lose Hope is a fast-faced action game that looks amazing. The game has a lot of variety and is highly interesting. Though the story is somewhat predictable, it will keep you engaged as the game progresses. You are put in a mechanised robot and given the task to challenge XADA, a strange alien life form. In the back story, XADA had invaded earth, wiping out humans from the planet, albeit not entirely. But the fight has been continuing, courtesy the War-Mech battle suits.

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Implosion-Never Lose Hope is played from a three-quarter top down view. Timed attacks, a good blend of heavy strikes and fast slashes, along with dashes and dodges will help you penetrate most situations. Cut through the rest with projectile weapons like rocket launchers and machine guns. Each chapter has been divided into several levels that typically last for five minutes or less. It means the game can be easily played between breaks and neither does it take too much time. You can pause between the levels of play and also upgrade your Mech with “modules” that you collect during the fights. This makes a major impact on your performance in the game.

Though it’s a mobile game, Implosion-Never Lose Hope never appears too casual. You can’t play the game with one hand while having lunch. And that’s absolutely right for a game as engrossing as this, which deserves more of your attention.

Fighting is the core of the game. The controls are fairly simple. The strike button does duties for both heavy and light attacks. It entirely depends upon your timing. The dodge button is placed at the right of your thumb so that you can switch between them without looking. The controls are fast to respond.

Timing is the key to success in the game. You must know when to land a heavy blow or a quick slash. These will keep you in the fight. A well planned dash can turn around a battle. As you make your progress in the game, the dodge button emerges as your best friend. You also equip yourself with special attacks.

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While these upgrades surely help, they are not game changers. You can feel the difference. But with the basic gear, you will progress fine as long as your attention is trained on what you are doing. Watch out for boss battles. Normal enemies don’t pose much a threat as long as you dodge them. The boss battles are challenging. The sense of achievement as you clear the levels is great.

The storytelling is a bit lacking. Flat panels and unavoidable dialogues are a letdown. But the rest of the game is fluid. It’s a minor complaint,  considering the fact that mobile gaming largely means free and casual games these days. Implosion-Never Lose Hope is a premium game which actually delivers. The game has been updated after its launch. The bugs have been fixed and more types of enemies have been added.

Go for it. Implosion is one game you shouldn’t miss.

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