Incredible Keyboard Apps For Better Typing On Your iPhone Or iPad

Recently Apple has started allowing third-party keyboard apps on the iOS App Store the store now has tons of apps to serve all your typing needs.

We have shortlisted a good mix of keyboards, from the ones that help you productively, to some that are meant just for fun.



It is our top pick last year and holds its position thanks to its brilliant word forecast, supports various languages and keyboard designs. If you want the best free standby for Apple’s QuickType keyboard, then SwiftKey is for you.



If you find yourself typing the same sayings or words over and over again or if you need a keyboard that allows you to quickly send a reply while you are in a meeting, then Phraseboard  will come to your help. It lets you save phrases by type, so you can have diverse templates for friends and colleagues. Another highlight is you can save commonly used pictures or GIFs and paste them quickly.



On larger iOS devices, such as the iPhone 6 Plus or the iPad Mini, it’s difficult to type with one hand. If you need a free resizable keyboard that allows you to type with one hand, then Blink is the app you need. It has a keyboard that allows you to move the keys to the left or the right side of the screen so you can type with either hand.



This app is more than just a keyboard app. It is a free clipboard manager for iOS that stores everything you copy. You can retrieve items you have copied from the Notification Centre widget or the keyboard. This is very beneficial for those who use the copy and paste functions a lot on their iOS devices.



It is probably your best option that uses Google Translate service to translate as you type, which can lead to some errors, but is fairly consistent for modest phrases. It should be avoided to use to translate masterpieces but can be used for basic conversation.

MyScript Stack


It is a keyboard app that identifies your handwriting and types letters you draw on screen. It offers a fun and diverse way to type, but it can get boring because it does not identify cursive handwriting. But if you write in block letters, then this keyboard is the best in the market.



If you more of an emoji person and use less words, then you need emoji keyboard that partners with iOS. You can type words and allow the Keymoji to suggest the best possible way to express yourself using an emoji. If that sounds interesting, then this keyboard is made just for you.



If you do not prefer the default keyboard layout on iPad, you can change it to a split keyboard option that makes keys accessible with your thumbs on either side of the iPad. If this also does not sit well, you can opt for PadKeys. It puts numbers above the keyboard, which is a modest but active addition, and offers cursor keys for you to quickly move from side to side.

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