Instagram Finds Its Way To PC’s!

Instagram, a platform to post random clicks or skilfully taken photography, does not have an option for its users wherein they can upload images from their computers. But that doesn’t mean that there is no way of doing it! Let’s look through some of the ways which could actually help you achieve the goal.

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Third-Party Tools

There are plenty of third party Instagram services like Gramblr and these are loaded with some really great features. It will help you to schedule your Instagram posts and so on. But they may also put your account into jeopardy. Instagram has a very clear standpoint as per their terms of use and community guidelines, when you think of sharing your login credentials with a third party software. If any application or web-based service that does not forward you to the actual Instagram website to approve the use of the application using OAuth, then it is in direct contravention with Instagram’s rules and your account might be de-activated. Even if your account isn’t disabled and you’re still going with a third-party app with complete control of your account, you are placing a lot of reliance in whatever security procedures they have in place to protect your login credentials. Also, it is hard to deny that services like these are responsible for password leaks.

Emulate Android with BlueStacks and Install Instagram

To achieve your goal safely without having to violate any Instagram rules, you can emulate Android with the popular BlueStacks emulator. BlueStacks, among other Android emulation solutions, stands out mainly for three reasons: it’s easy to install, it’s available for Windows and macOS and it has a simple mechanism to share content between the host computer and the emulated Android installation. This will definitely make it easy to save a file on your PC and move over to the Instagram app to post it.

Step One: Install BlueStacks and Instagram

After launching BlueStacks, double-click on the Play Store icon. Now do a search in the Play Store to get the official Instagram app. Click install and accept whatever Instagram asks you to, in order to get access to your media files. Now, you can log into your Instagram account and wait for some time before getting to the next step.

Step Two: Send Photos to BlueStacks for Easy Sharing

Now that you have installed BlueStacks and you are logged in to your Instagram account, transferring content from your computer to your Instagram account is literally two clicks away. Click on the folder icon on the sidebar of the BlueStacks window to open the host computer’s file browser. Now choose the file that you want to upload and click “Open”. Once you select it, you will be asked to choose which app on the emulated Android device should be handling the file. Select “Instagram” and click on the “Always” button. Instagram will load and the new series of posts will begin, poking you to crop the photo, add tags, select a filter and finally click the “Share” button.

Although you have to drive through a few rounds to get here, you will now be able to share content from your PC directly onto Instagram without violating their norms of use by sharing your account credentials with a third-party, or jeopardising your account in any way. As far as Instagram is concerned, you just uploaded your photos from a mobile phone.

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