Is WhatsApp Plus Safe To Use?

Any given time of the day, we are all addicted to our phones especially, WhatsApp.  The popular messenger app has got a troll on its back in the form of WhatsApp Plus.  The User Interface of WhatsApp has been modified for the WhatsApp Plus. The icon for WhatsApp is green whereas for WhatsApp Plus is blue, making the users of the former think it’s just an upgrade and way to use WhatsApp free, as it is a paid service after the first year.

So, what is making people take notice of WhatsApp plus and why is it creating such a fuss?

WhatsApp plus is a third party app that works with the same premise as WhatsApp with a few modifications in the user interface and certain other additions that make it different.  Essentially, this app is piggy backing on the original app and giving it a twist. However, it is not an app that is developed by the makers of WhatsApp and they have gone further to make it clear on their website as well as issued a warning the users.

WhatsApp isn’t safe for smartphones users because it is not a product of the original developers and also suffers privacy issues. Smartphones are tricked into downloading this app, with the promise that they will be able to use WhatsApp free of cost.

People who have been using WhatsApp Plus have been banned from using WhatsApp by the original manufactures. Earlier WhatsApp Plus was available on the Play store but after protests the app was taken off, but is available on other third party websites. However, for one to use WhatsApp Plus now they need to uninstall WhatsApp and then install Plus. According to developers, users could be vulnerable to adware and malware that could transmit their private information, as the information gets stored on the server, which is unsafe.   WhatsApp doesn’t recommend the use and installation of WhatsApp Plus because it is harmful and not an original product of WhatsApp and could be harmful to the user.

WhatsApp Plus doesn’t only affect your personal information but other apps as well. Even though, the features of WhatsApp are tempting it is best to stay away from it. Unfortunately, thousands of smartphone and tablet users fall victim to these tricks and they end up paying for the consequences.

Users should pay heed to warnings of the developers to avoid any damage to their personal information.  The original WhatsApp is the only safe version, which smartphone users and tablet users should download.

The major problem with WhatsApp plus needs the uninstalling of WhatsApp, which can cause loss of data and other problems.  WhatsApp is meant only for those who are like to customize their interface and play with colors.

Therefore, it is not a wise idea to download WhatsApp, even with its tempting features. WhatsApp Plus main selling point was the ability to hide your last seen feature, which now WhatsApp allows for free.

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by techtalks @TechTalks March 30, 2015 7:00 AM UTC


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