Is Your Child Ready For A Smartphone?



After the arrival of the cell phone, the way people communicated got transformed completely the world over. It allowed people to stay in touch anytime and anywhere. Eventually, even parents will be confronted with the choice of whether to let their kids have a phone. Choosing whether or not a child ought to have a cell phone includes more than considering their age.While there are definite advantages   permitting a child to have a cell phone, there can likewise be drawbacks.Parents need to figure out whether the potential advantages of their youngster having a cell phone will exceed any potential negatives.

Advantages of Giving Your Child a Cell Phone

You generally want your kids to be protected and customarily parents feel more secure when their youngster has a cellphone as they know they can reach their kid whenever and wherever they are.Not only can you call or text your child to know their whereabouts, you can also update your children of your plans, when they need to be home, and more. Moreover, in times of crisis, a child with a cell phone will have the capacity to call for help quickly as opposed to look for a telephone. Along with the advantages of allowing your child to have a phone, there are some potential drawbacks.

Potential Drawbacks To Children Having Cell Phones

Having a phone can influence a child’s sleep and at last their well-being. Mounting proof suggests that children who use cell phones, especially those who text, may have disrupted sleep patterns. Youngsters that own cell phones will often keep their phones right by their bed in the event they get a message. Sleep is significant for good health, especially in growing children. If you do permit child to have a phone, it is critical to set some rules to ensure that your child still gets a good night’s sleep.

Nowadays, most people who have cell phones, have smartphones. This implies that phones not only allow your child to communicate through talk and text but more. Smartphones open your kid up to videos, movies, social media, games, and numerous applications. It is imperative to weigh whether or not your child should have access to all of these things. While social interaction is good for kids, social media can open children up to cyber bullying and other issues. Phones with all of these features can also disrupt a child’s communication.

So, Is Your Child Ready?

Whether your child is ready to own a phone goes beyond simply their age. Parents should gauge their children’s development and level of responsibility, and use these things to figure out if their child is ready for a phone. As your child gets older and starts to become more independent, there will be more reasons to permitthem to have a phone. Eventually, if you do decide to allow your child to have a phone, it is necessary to monitor your child’s phone use. Set some rules such as a phone curfew, and how often each day can be spent on social networking. Setting rules, making the penalties of breaking the rules clear, and stringently monitoring your child’s cell phone use will allow you to make sure that your child is using their phone maturely.

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