Latest Features Of The iOS Messaging App

Gone are the days of a simple messaging interface. It has been replaced with a treasure chest of stickers, emoji’s, animations, handwritten effects and other ridiculously amazing features. Annoying your friends has never been so much fun! Every emotion has an outlet and you don’t need to say a word, it’s the perfect way to communicate.

Here’s what Apple has to offer

 Message effects

ios messaging

Bored of the same old way of expressing your emotions? No problem. Slam & Invisible Ink are few ways to add a bit of your personality to your messages. While typing a message you choose to add an effect to it. Force touch the blue arrow or the send button. Slide your finger or tap on the circular icon next to each effect.  Then, tap on the effect and your message will be delivered in your chosen effects.

If you are looking to make an entry into a conversation, then Slam effects is the way to go. The message appears with a puff of dust rising off the screen when it lands.  If you want to yell at someone, the Loud bubble works for you. It starts off really big and then shrinks back to its regular size. The Gentle effect starts small and then grows to its full size.  Want to send a cryptic message, Invisible Ink just does that. A pixelated message will appear in the message, you need to swipe your finger over it to read the message.


ios messaging

If the bubble effects have you excited, then the animation effects will only add to it. You can add confetti, lasers, fireworks, shooting stars, celebration and balloons on to the screen.

The screen will be filled with an animation and sound.  If you want to congratulate a friend, you can burst confetti on the screen. Write a message, then long- press the send button and the bubble effect will get activated. Then tap on top of the screen & you will see around 9 different effects that burst colourful fireworks on the screen. A giant heart shaped balloon will fill up the screen for the Love effect. You can shoot disco lasers from behind the chat bubble. You can also choose your favourites and make your messages fun.


ios messaging

Like other messaging apps, you can add stickers by pressing down the arrow next to the compose message line and then press the App Store Symbol. In the App Store, you will find all the stickers that are available in your sticker tray.  You can also add a sun to the AccuWeather app or add an album poster to your favourite music app.

Hand written note

ios messaging

Prefer letters to e-mails, then hand written note will give you the same feeling. Turn the landscape mode on while you are typing the message. The keyboard will be displayed when you are typing the message or a black canvas will appear where you can draw or write.  If you don’t want the keyboard to be displayed, there is a squiggly line icon which you can click on to begin the handwritten notes interface.  Messages will be saved which the recipient can play back from scratch.

Make your messages interesting and let your words flow in the form or emoji’s, handwritten notes, bubbles and much more.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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