LeEco LeMe Bluetooth Headphones: Review

LeEco, the Chinese technology giant, started out as LeTV. It spent the first few years producing online video content for its domestic market. The company has recently branched out into electronic hardware that includes smartphones, TVs, and even electric cars. But, the boldest thing LeEco has done till date is to drop the 3.5mm socket from its latest range of smartphones and promoting the use of Bluetooth and Type-C USB connectivity for audio transmission.


Although LeEco lacks the industry clout to usher in a change all by itself, it has nonetheless made a valiant attempt. The company recently launched some new audio accessories to strengthen its presence in the Indian smartphone market and that includes the LeMe Bluetooth headphones. These wireless on-ear headphones are available in India at a price of ₹2,499 from the company’s webstore.

Do they make the cut? Let’s find out.

The LeEco LeMe Bluetooth headphones sport a fancy “droplet” design. It’s supposed to enhance the comfort level, but scores poorly on sound output. The headphones are cushioned over your head and ears, but the design makes them feel heavy. Brace yourself for some ear pain, if you want to watch your favourite film with this pair of LeMe headphones. The surround sound too is only of acceptable quality; nothing great here.

The headphone has 15 volume levels. But below seven, you can hardly hear anything, except the beep. At 15, the loudest, your sound will turn into noise. Between these two levels, you can surely settle for a comfortable volume. But if you are listening to something in another Indian language, you could be left wanting for more.

Even when you find your desired volume level, the quality of the sound could be quite disappointing. The highest volume, as we already said, emits plain noise to your ears. Sharp sounds turn into almost ultrasonic. But that’s the only level where you get to feel some bass.

At a marginally lower volume level, even the high bass tracks fall flat. For instance, if you are listening to Return to Innocence by Enigma, you’ll expect a thump to blow your mind, sans piercing your eardrums. But that’s a far cry in this pair of headphones. The sound cracks whenever there’s high bass.


There’s an integrated microphone to the pair LeEco LeMe Bluetooth headphones and that’s good enough. On the right, there are three controls to switch between tracks, adjust volume, and for play/pause convenience. The center button is for power, call answering, and the play/pause function. Long-pressing the directional buttons controls the volume and a normal press changes the track. The operations are somewhat complicated. People change the track more often than volume and you have to do that pretty fast in the LeEco LeMe Bluetooth headphones. The LED indicator is visible between the buttons. It looks poorly designed and rather tacky.

Buy the LeEco LeMe Bluetooth headphone only if you want to up your cool quotient. Give it a miss if you are even remotely an audiophile.

Picture courtesy – ibnlive.in and imgur.com

by techtalks @TechTalks August 25, 2016 5:31 AM UTC


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