Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Review

With the purchase of Motorola, Lenovo has been in the headlines a lot this year. And now with the Vibe Z2 pro they’ve got a flagship product that on its own is quite newsworthy with an all-metal body, a quad HD display, a top of the line chip inside and a whopping 4000 Mah battery.


Design and Hardware: The Vibe z2 pro is built solid, it has got metal to the back and sides. It’s a huge phone but Lenovo has done a great job by keeping the bezels narrow, resulting in the phone fitting in most jean pockets. Its weight is less than 180 grams with 7.7 mm thickness. Coming to the display, the gorilla glass covered IPS display has a quad HDD resolution spread across 6 inches giving the phone a resolution close to that of the Galaxy note 4. Colors are saturated with deep blacks. The Z2 pro is shorter in length than the iPhone 6 Plus, and even smaller than the Nexus 6, which has a display of almost the same size.

Performance: With a 2.5 Ghz quad core processor along with the 3 GB RAM, the performance is good and the quad HD display adds amazing experience for tasks like gaming. Inbuilt memory is at 32 GB with no option for expandable memory. The audio performance is loud and clear despite it being precariously placed. The phone heats up during extensive gaming or during use of camera for extended periods

Battery: The battery is of a good quality with a 4000 Mah capacity that should safely last you a full day on heavy usage.

Camera: It has a 16mprear shooter with optical image stabilization. Images are sharp with allot of detail, color reproduction is good with fast auto focus and shutter response. Pictures taken from the 5 mp front focus camera turn out quite well. The user interface is also pretty good with a user friendly mode and a professional mode. It also shoots 4k video and with OIS on board, results are impressive.

OS:  Out of the box the z2 pro runs on the Android 4.4 kitkat with a Lenovo user interface on top. Features like the ability to change wallpapers on the fly on board the home or lock screen or drawing a “c” at the edge of the display will activate the single handed mode showing a smaller screen that can be used with one hand. Another notable feature is the universal touchless controls called 3d gestures that allows for browsing the OS with hand gestures. The Lenovo OS is fast but it does stutter due to an overload of features. For those who prefer the stock android experience, the OS has an option by which you can move to the stock OS and all the information and data will be retained.

Conclusion: The Z2 pro undercuts almost all quad HD devices and undercuts them by quite a bit. This in combination with the option to use the stock Android UI, top of the line specs and a stellar camera with Optical Image Stabilizer make it easier to look past the heating issue. All in all it is a stellar device for the price point of less than 33000 INR.

Picture courtesy- gadgets.ndtv.com

by techtalks @TechTalks March 10, 2015 6:52 AM UTC


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