Lesser Known Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

Google_Maps_Logo-1                                                                                                                                                     Google maps has just made traveling easy and fun, plus with the street view option it has transformed the way we look at maps.

It has many tricks that most of you are unaware of. Let’s have look at this powerful tool which is loaded with tons of surprises.

Get a traffic update

In bigger cities it is always difficult to reach any place on time due to traffic jams. With Google maps, the real-time traffic check option allows you to know about traffic conditions and everything about the road.

God view

Using this option get an amazing view; you get a bird eye view of the city, the buildings, and roads and so on. This preference offers a fantastic view of both street view and satellite imagery. Once the search ceases, it stimulates the commands and you get the most of graphic experience.

Know the Distance

Keen to know which way is quicker to reach your location and what is the distance. Now it is possible to gauge the distance of a chosen location by just clicking on the location of From and To.

Get directions

Now the web version maps are simpler to access, with just a single right-click it will quickly pull down a list and you can select the location and get the view or route for it.

Country-Specific Info

If one wants to know the country-specific sites Google Maps provide different domain in its URL. So, if you want information in German, change it to google.co.de/maps and correspondingly. It selects the domain based on your location.

Indoor directions

 Maps became more interesting when viewing the interiors of a building. Google maps have put up ‘indoor street views’ to find the details of what lies inside. There are lists of indoor maps select it, zoom in or out to view more.

Go-Off Road

Not long ago, Google started an experiment named ‘Treks’ to acquire off-road street views, which breaks the customary viewing of Maps through streets. For example you can get a remarkable view of the Pyramid of Giza in off-road, it means seeing it in a different dimension.

Little Person in the Corner

The little person called as peg man will take you to the actual location by just picking and dropping him in the any location. By moving him you can inspect the street in all the directions.

Talk to Your Map

Everybody should know by now that it is stupid to text and drive. If you are in an unknown area or trying to find a new route around a diversion so you are in time for work, ask Google Maps for directions by tapping the microphone icon in the right corner of the search bar.

Share Locations

Sharing locations works the same way as saving offline maps, but instead of tapping Save Offline Maps, you tap Share instead. Tapping this option will bring up the share screen, allowing you to share a location via Google Drive, email, or Bluetooth. This feature can really come in handy if you ever get lost.

Picture courtesy- thenewsteller.com

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