LG’s Latest Smartwatch Has Style

LG’s latest smartwatch is a device that holds the future of Google’s intelligent watches on its shoulders. The LG Watch Style comes along with the new Android Wear 2.0, which is Google’s attempt to match and do one better than Samsung’s Gear S3 and Apple’s Watch Series 2. Priced at approximately Rs. 16,500, the Watch Style is a sleek gadget with some cool features. Here’s a look at everything you can expect from LG’s new device.

lg style

One of the slimmest Android Wear smartwatches so far, the LG Watch Style has a round clock face. While it has several added features for fitness, it has removed several of the extra sensors and instead included a tiny but powerful battery. The watch has a stainless steel body with a matte finish that gives it a premium look. There is also an in-built microphones that blends into the body seamlessly.

It is perfect for those with a thin wrist and comes in three colours namely rose gold, silver and titanium. For those who prefer a sleek watch, this is a good option as it uses a strap of only 18mm which can be changed according to your preference. Despite being so slender, the LG Watch Style has an IP67 rating, which makes it resistant to water and dust.

The smartwatch is fitted with a screen of 1.2 inches that has a display resolution of 360 pixels by 360 pixels. While this is not stunning quality, it is enough to provide a vibrant display with bright colours. The screen is however prone to fingerprint smudges.

LG’s Watch Style has a crown that twists and can perform a range of functions such as, launching the application drawer with a single push, or scrolling through notifications and applications by rotating the crown.

lg style

The Android Wear 2.0 offers a variety of new functions like the ability to add live widgets like Google Fit or the weather. The Google Fit app has also improved and now offers features for monitoring your daily activity and tracking different sports.

There is however, a lot of room for improvement. Typing for one, is not the easiest thing to do on the Watch Style keyboard. Also, the integrated Google Assistant still requires a lot more developing in order to be able to offer greater responsiveness and be more conversational.

This smartwatch is packed with a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor that clocks a speed of 1.1GHz and a RAM of 512MB. This unfortunately means that the system is on the slower side and apps like Google Translate can take a bit to launch. Using the built-in WiFi, you can download several apps from the Google Play Store that have been optimised for the smartwatch.

Powering the LG Watch Style is a 240mAh capacity battery that should easily offer up to two days of battery life. However, when the watch is kept at its brightest in the ‘always-on’ mode, the battery can run out within a day.  By adjusting the features like switching off the WiFi and lowering the brightness, the battery life can certainly be extended. For all those looking for a smartwatch that focuses on looks and packs a reasonable number of quality features, the LG Watch Style is worth considering.

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