Messenger Alternatives To Whatsapp

If you are the one who loves instant messaging and is always keen to try out new messaging apps for instant messaging, then we have the list for you! Today we have brought together the best options for you to consider. If you are looking for a better alternative to WhatsApp then these apps should get you there.



Hangouts had received lot of criticism when it was preloaded on the Nexus 5, but it has developed into a really great messenger app. Google has, of course, assimilated Hangouts like no other app into the soul of Android, and you can even add a new Hangouts Dialer so it works as your phone too. Hangouts is easily up there amongst the best Android messenger apps. It even has features such as “Last Seen” timestamp, new sticker packs and phone number connectivity.



The look and feel of Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp. Same goes with the features as it has emoticons and file sharing but with some superb add-ons. Telegram is super-fast, allows encryption of messages, unlimited cloud storage, transferring files (including videos) of up to a gigabyte in size and huge group chats of up to 200 participants. Also it allows use of multiple devices at once including a computer. If you are looking for a substitute to WhatsApp and looking for the safety of your communications, then Telegram is the one for you.



Kontalk, like WhatsApp, is relaxed to introduce new features, so there’s restricted support for media attachments and no group chat function. If you just need a fast and secure instant messenger for sending pictures and chats one-to-one, then Kontalk is a good alternative.



With Skype you need not be concerned about when your instant messaging service will get video calling support, because Skype has had it right from beginning. Skype is still a support for many Android users, with its file sharing, free voice and video calls and cheap land line calling, but it has perhaps been neglected in the crowd of flamboyant new messengers that have been engulfing the Play Store.



Surespot is another awesome safe instant messenger that also features voice messaging and secure end to end encryption. The best part is that even your voice messages are sent encrypted, just like instant messages sent with Surespot. The app allows you to delete content from your friends’ phones. Say you send a photo but do not want your friend to download it, you just lock it. Then if you unlock it, they can download or share it. You can also delete messages or media from your friends’ devices. Surespot also offers multiple profiles so you can use the one service for different purposes. Unlike Telegram, which also uses your phone number as an account identifier, Surespot does not need your phone number or even your email address.

So there you have five of our favorite WhatsApp alternatives. Feel free to share your experience about the app.

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