Moto X Play Review: Worthy But Lacks Excitement


The Moto X name has been connected with Motorola’s flagship smartphones ever since the new X was launched 2 years back. The Moto X was a good phone that lost out on its popularity due to its poor camera and battery life, though its heir solved the battery issue great extent.

2015 saw the launch of Moto X Play and Moto 3rd Gen. Let’s have a look how does Moto X Play perform in the real world?

Design and display

The Moto X Play is sturdy looking phone from the Motorola’s family. The phone is pretty conventional in its design, apart from the SIM-plus-microSD tray that’s on the top. The tray can be removed to expose two Nano SIM slots on one side and space for a microSD card on the other. It is a great idea, but if you are someone who likes to remove microSD cards frequently, you may be distressed that you will lose network every time you do that.

The back cover is removable which will reveal the enormous battery. But, the Moto X Play does not have the water resistant feature, which is a let-down, particularly considering that’s one of the characteristics really liked in the reasonable Moto G 3rd generation. The Play, does feature “water-repellent coating”.

The Moto X Play comes with a 5.5-inch full-HD display that looks vibrant and does justice when outdoors.

Performance and battery life

The smartphone comes with the quad octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC along with 2GB of RAM, and you will not experience any lags. If you are an avid gamer this phone really runs smoothly.

But after playing a game for 20 minutes you will figure the phone heats up. But nothing to worry about.

The Moto X Play is powered with huge 3630mAh battery and loaded with 21-megapixel rear camera. The Moto X Play battery will last you a day which is a bit of a surprise given the size of the battery.

You will experience a drop in the call quality of the phone compared to the other phones.

Software and camera

You will find the software of Moto G 3rd generation and Moto X Play is very similar.  The Moto Assist, does perform some simple tasks. The app does simple things like altering your notification settings while you are home and broadcasting the names of callers and SMS senders while you are driving.

Motorola has looked in to the camera issue which was faced in the successor, by loading a 21- megapixel rear camera. In the outdoors the Moto X Play captures stunning images.

The front camera performance is reasonable, as are the videos taken by the rear camera. The camera app loaded on Moto X Play is equal to the one on the Moto G 3rd generation.


The Moto X Play is a rock-solid yet an average performer. It has a huge battery and an upgraded camera, both of which perform passably.

The Moto X Play lacks the zest that might make you want to buy it over other companies’ flagships. The fact is the Moto X Play is comparable to the Yu Yureka Plus which is a very good phone and is half the price.

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