Must Have Apps For Today’s Women

Between trying to juggle personal life, work and your social life, being a woman is difficult. We need all the help we can get and hiring personal assistants anytime soon is out of question, we are left with the option of seeking help from next best friend- our smartphones. It helps us to be organized and on our toes.

These genius apps will turn your smartphone into the assistant you have always desired. You’ll be able to master everything, from grocery shopping to grooming, with these tremendously valuable apps for your phone.

Awesome Note


Generally personal organizer apps are pretty difficult to use. They have too many with features and badly designed. But Awesome Note is a well-planned organizer with a built in calendar, to-do list, party arrangement section, and photo journal. Plus there are labels for anniversary reminders and travel diaries. You will be keen to use this one.

Good Guide


Not only going green is super trendy, but is also super time- consuming. GoodGuide makes it quick and easy to find fitting, environmentally-friendly and healthy products from food to personal grooming. Interpreting labels and ingredients can be perplexing — GoodGuide helps you out instantly.

Nike Training Club


As an alternative of wrestling to reorganize your schedule so that maybe you will make it to that kick-boxing class next Wednesday, you can use the Nike Training Club app and get your workouts done whenever you are free that too your own room. There are 100 plus workout videos from Nike trainers and superstar athletes on the app so that you can actually see what to do, without the need to go to a gym.



Want to wipe out all memories of your ex for good? KillSwitch takes care of the filthy work for you. It’s the hit-man of your social media network, deleting all signs of your ex from the sites in just one click.



If you are the outdoorsy types, you should try RunKeeper. The app helps you track your cycling and running paths, and suggests with pre-planned courses that you can pursue. Also, it provides audio inputs on your speed, mileage, and calorie count so that you can focus while running.



It is a custom-made news app that lets you pick your topics of interest. Flipboard provides keeps you informed on all the topics you are interested about in one place, making it stress-free to stay well-versed.

Levo Resume


Do away with “Word” when you can use a stunningly designed app to write your resume instead. Levo Resume syncs with your LinkedIn account, and offers you with tons of resume-building and professional advice. You can generate your resume straight on the app, and then download it as a PDF to email or share it.



Downloading an app to manage your finances is always a nightmare, but we think that Cost will make you reconsider. Cost is a stylish app that lets you supervise multiple accounts and categories straight from your smart phone. Also it creates small data visualizations to update about spending habits, and check your available balance.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

Maalin Ashar

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