Must-Have Pioneering Apps On Every Android Phone

In every field of business, only the ground-breaking ideas can bring quick success.

The same belief is applied in the Smartphone apps business, exclusive the app, more downloads in less amount of time. As the Smartphones are becoming a fundamental part of our today’s life, the apps play a major role to keep us busy while we relax.

Here are the most inventive apps developed by minds those thought out-of-the-box for Android users.

Microsoft Translator


Microsoft Translator helps the user to break down the language barrier wherever they travel or have a need to translate anything in their daily life. Quickly translate sayings on the Android-powered watch or use the companion Android phone app when it’s more appropriate.



It is the world’s smartest camera calculator. All you need to do is point the camera at a Math problem and the app will promptly display the answer, doing maths homework is stress-free than ever.

AirDroid: File & Notifications


Have you ever felt that you must be able to synchronize your Android phone and your desktop better? AirDroid helps you effortlessly incorporate them both. It allows transfer of data and enables a lot more functions that you can do on your Smartphone from the computer.

One such feature is to let users to send receive, forward and delete SMSs through PC. Installing and uninstalling apps will be a lot quicker if you do that from your PC. Likewise, one can have an easier and quicker control on their music, contacts, photos, and ringtones as well.

Clap to Find


All of us misplace our phone regularly at home or office and waste a lot of time in finding it. To make it easier Clap to Find is an app just for you. Find your phone inside a room, under a blanket, in your bag or a drawer with just a couple of claps.



Blackbar is “a game of text” where users are shown a block of text with certain words blacked out and have to predict the words before they can move on. For writers, the test might provide a way to juggle around how certain language is used. Besides that, it’s just an addictive game about words and puzzles that’s fun to play.

SpinMe Alarm Clock


Dislike waking up? Are you the type of person who sets many alarms few minutes apart from each other just to ensure you wake up on time? If so, SpinMe Alarm Clock is the best answer, it is a super clever app aimed to get you out of bed on time.

Smart Phone Lock – Lock screen


 Are you anxious about uncovering your PIN and Pattern while you unlock your phone? Then, Smart Phone Lock will keep you safe as it will set the current phone time as your unlock PIN for the lock screen. It will change the PIN automatically every minute. So, each time you unlock the device, the PIN will differ and you need not fret about snooping eyes around you.

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Mobile Upgrades: Killing The Product Before Its Time?

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Frequently upgrading the software is a real problem as updating the software might cause your phone to lag because of the older hardware.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

Maalin Ashar

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