Newz Hook – News App Designed For The Deaf And Blind To Follow The Paralympics

In this fast moving world no-one has the time to read the entire newspaper or read a whole article on the latest news. To cater to the changing dynamics and usability of mobile applications there are several news apps which give the news in a very short and precise manner, that are grabbing attention of the users. Inshorts and Newz hook are the leaders in it. With a neck to neck competition in client acquisition, Newz hook tried to bring in a differentiation in its services by starting facilities for differently abled people.


The Newz Hook app aims to solve all these problems. To reduce intellectual burden, a team of eight in-house writers rewrite the day’s top stories across business, entertainment sports, current affairs, health and in a couple of simple paragraphs, similar to the popular news app InShorts.

Recently in this quest they have begun providing Paralympics updates to deaf and blind people. If you’re visually impaired, you can use your android phone’s accessibility features to read out this simplified text and if you’re deaf, you have to just click a small, orange button which picturizes a pair of hands to launch a video. This app also provides a feature to select a language for interpretation. Then, one of the Newz Hook’s three sign-language interpreters will present you the entire story in sign-language.


This application recently grabbed the attention of people, when 4500 sportsmen with disabilities, from 176 countries competed in the Rio Paralympics, and the deaf and blind in India were able to follow the action for the first time. While Indian Paralympians were creating a sensation in Rio, 6500 active users of the News hook app were getting information of every movement of the athletes in a mode of communication that was convenient to them.

Besides the latest news, Newz hook has also taken efforts to touch the entertainment quotient of deaf and blind people, and has employed a few as well. The team of Newz Hook has deaf and blind critics creating movie reviews every Friday for the latest released movies. Usually this is done by having a blind critic go to a movie with a sighted person, who then gives the blind person a continuous commentary of the movie as it unfolds on the screen and later these critics give their reviews on the application.

Newz Hook is a project of Mumbai-based BarrierBreak which is a for-profit social initiative that develops technology solutions to help people with disabilities live independently. As per Shilpi Kapoor, the founder of BarrierBreak, organizations will make stronger efforts by allocating a small section in the app that focuses exclusively on news about people with disabilities around the world. She also strongly believes that this app will act as a starting point for getting India’s disabled community together!

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