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Unlike Angry Birds, Rovio ‘s difficult RPG match-3 battler from earlier this summer; Nibblers will possibly please the gamers, hungry for a new match-3 experience. The game-play strategies will be familiar and instinctive for anyone who likes playing games of this genre, so leaping right into the action is really easy.

The Nibblers have arrived on the dry land to explore and snack on tasty island fruits including oranges, raspberries, rosehips and pears. As usual for the category, matching adjoining fruits in groups of changing intricacy will breed more helpful Nibblers, make points and crack puzzles.

The slack story-line isn’t predominantly stirring outside setting up a clear opponent to fight in the reptiles. However, the characters themselves seed and release, as they each have their own signature skills that help you clear puzzle boards, or, in the case of the reptiles, prevent your progress. The definite mechanics of these exceptional moves aren’t precisely unusual, but the colourful combination of cute characters together with fruits is undeniably pleasing to play. Nibblers is played in portrait mode which will make it perfect for phones and not so great for tablets. Since the game board is placed in the middle of the screen, it won’t reach out to the corners resulting in access with thumbs or fingers. The corners are used for several game tools like your Inbox, the in-game store for buying coins, settings and other selections.

Music in the game is fairly ordinary. The soundtrack is eccentric which fits the mood of the game very well but not an award winning creativity. The sound effects are regular, but effective. You’ll hear the lizards laughing at you, fruit squishing and a voice over that says words when you strike combos. Nothing strikes out too much while you could visualize Rovio doing the voice overs in a cartoon show or a horror movie and they would flawlessly fit in both places.

The graphics are nice. The entire game is vivid and lively which is symbolic of almost every Rovio game. The fish and the lizards are given anthropomorphic features to give them human features like hands and feet and serve to improve their cuteness a little bit.
You can make progress through the levels until you can’t complete one within the selected number of moves. If you fail a level, you have to either use a life to rerun from the beginning or expend premium currency to get five more moves. Regrettably there is no way to earn any premium currency easily within the game. There are, however, videos to watch for an added Nibbler “boost” in the beginning of a perplexing round. If you are out of lives, you can ask your friends or wait for lives to re-spawn over time, or you can use premium currency to refill your lives.

Ultimately, Nibblers is a solid influence on the category with fresh visuals, familiar mechanics and a great soundtrack. For those who take pleasure in swipe and find in rolling combinations, Nibblers will be an entertaining game to be added to the rota.

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